When there is complete darkness all around you, when you are one breath away from giving up, you a see a shimmering light in the distance, that is the light of hope that Viktor Larkhill gave me.

Five years ago I came across this skin and bones three legged dog, desperately looking for food while trying to defend herself from bullying kids. She was timid, not trusting anyone, somehow she had felt my love and come to me. Then and there I promised her that she’d never ever have to be scared nor hungry anymore but I didn’t even know what to do. Viktor, showed me a way out, gave me courage to rescue her, now Blondie is having a wonderful life in Canada!

Viktor didn’t just save Blondie but also inspired me to do something I have been longing to do all my life yet I had never felt strong enough to do it but with his guidance I had found the way. I learned that there is nothing impossible as long as you do not give up, I learned that every single life is worth saving no matter how beaten up it seems! Because when there is life, there is HOPE. Let’s Adopt made me see that it may just be one life at stake but it’s the ONLY LIFE she/he has. You don’t throw a whole life away just because he’s banged up a little.

Then came Barney the kitty who was on the verge of a cold, lonely death on concrete! Viktor again helped me out without a second thought. Then came countless other rescues, I have donated, fostered for LA, I have adopted two of their kitties (Elton and Enzo), I have been a flight volunteer for LA.

In all this time I have seen a dedication that is nearly impossible to see in our age, I have seen trust that I had thought gone extinct in the 21st century. I had seen people from all around the world come together and do everything they can just to be able to save a wounded dog in the middle of the Amazon forest, from the highways of India to a dumpster in Turkey at below zero temperatures.

I have seen the best sides of humans thanks to this wonderful community most of all I have learned that trust is the most important and precious thing a rescue will ever build because without trust one can never pull up the kind of complicated and delicate rescues that only Let´s Adopt can achieve!

Love you all Let´s Adopt supporters!!! You ROCK!

Aysegul Ugur





A beautiful galga, a discarded hunting dog, lay by the roadside in southern Spain. Cars sped by. Some of their passengers noticed her through the window, but none stopped to help. This went on for one whole day, and then a second. On the third day, one of the people who saw her called my small rescue. There she lay, helpless, emaciated, dehydrated, with fractures in both left legs, darkening bones jutting out of gaping wounds. We took her to our clinic, where she was put on a drip and her legs were bandaged. She was given pain killers. Despair is a good word to describe our feelings. We were a small organisation, struggling to cover the needs of the healthy dogs in our care. We decided to appeal for help on a social network, but we knew in our hearts that we would be able to do little more than relieve her of her suffering.

That is when Viktor saw Gala. And as soon as he saw her, all of a sudden she had a future again. Distance was no problem. He contacted us. “She will have whatever it takes”, he said. “Only the best veterinary surgeons will be at her service”. And they were, using innovative procedures to get her on her feet. He made Gala whole again.

He did not betray our trust. He saved Gala, as he later saved Tula, Jack, Lolo, Duke….

In all these cases, Viktor Larkhill made the difference, the most important difference of them all, the difference between life and death.

Linda Edwards
El Amparo
A genuine leader is not a searcher for a consensus but a molder of consensus.
M.Luther King


We all go through rocky roads in our life , the difficult moments where we imagine another way of being , another dream , another road to carve ahead. The reality seems too edgy , too sharp , too painful to reside in.In those moments we seek a like minded soul that would push us to dissipate the mist , to recaptivate the passion to fly ahead , to see through the dark and to have the courage to take the first step towards our destiny.
Decisiveness , courage and vision embedded in a compassionate heart…

A man who , not only saves the animals but also saves people with his down to earth approach and ability to take good decisions very fast. A man who would do the right thing even when no one else is looking.

This is no elogy , he is everything the current paradigm of chaos that rules the animal rescue world requires.

Rima Nur
Founder , Heart of Rescue