Naam: Stichting Let’s Adopt International

Ook bekendstaand als: Let’s Adopt España

Let’s Adopt Deutschland

Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue

RSIN nummer: 855127533

Contact: Stichting Let’s Adopt International

Zamenhofstraat, 150 UNit 420

1022 AG Amsterdam


E-mail: v.larkhill@gmail.com


Telefoon: +34 665574731

Missie/doel: Het bijstaan, aanmoedigen, ondersteunen en promoveren van de bescherming, zorg, redding en (permanente) plaatsing van dieren, evenals menselijke educatieve activiteiten betreffende wereldwijde welzijnsorganisaties voor dieren.

Beleidsplan: De Stichting bestaat uit de raad van bestuur en hangt af van de inspanning van deze bij het inzamelen van geld. Het geld wordt ingezameld middels openbare liefdadigheidsacties via social media, het benaderen van vermogende personen voor donaties en een toekomstige applicatie voor mobiele telefoons. Hiervoor is een specifieke rol weggelegd voor Ivan Jimenez (ook de oprichter van de Stichting). Ten slotte is de Stichting afhankelijk van de ontvangst van donaties om haar doelen te verwezenlijken.

Raad van bestuur: De raad van bestuur van Stichting Let’s Adopt International bestaat uit de drie onderstaande personen:

• Mevr. Ana Rodriguez (voorzitter),

• Mevr. Sandra Garrido (penningmeester),

• Mevr. Linda Edwards (secretaris).

Beloning: De kosten die de bestuursleden maken voor het uitvoeren van hun taken zullen door de Stichting worden vergoed. Geen van de bestuursleden zal enige beloning ontvangen.

De Stichting heeft geen personeel. Indien er in de toekomst personeel wordt aangenomen, zal hun beloning worden vastgelegd op basis van het gebruik en/of de wet in hun woonland.

Activiteiten tot op heden: Meer dan 300 dieren die dreigden te worden ingeslapen zijn gered en in een nieuw onderkomen geplaatst

Rekeningen 2017

Let’s Adopt 2017 by Viktor Larkhill on Scribd

2019 Activity Report


2019 Activity Report by Viktor Larkhill on Scribd


  • Hi Viktor, I’ve just seen the post saying you resigned. Its always difficult to walk away from a child,but let’s adopt is now an adult and I hope it along with those working there can continue to rescue animals in need.It is my hope that you start another rescue and continue on as well. This should not be the end of your work,just another chapter.love and respect.Hope you are well.

  • I think it so very wrong what has been done to you Ivan. I didn’t no what was going on, I did wonder why there had been no updates on sweetie, coco, mika, linda to name a few, the picture went of your cover of rocket and lady, I remember when you rescued them and tara and nube. Hope the animals are all well and yourself and I look forward to following you. Thankyou

  • Will support you and the new Extreme Global Rescue. Thank you for those 7 seven years of rescue that you done int the past. Let there be more stories and more rescues to happen.

  • You’ve done a remarkable job and created a wonderful group. Please continue in this sense. I have been lucky to adopt 2 cats from He’Art of Rescue and I do admire what people like you and Rima are doing. Go on, please, for the sake of all the poor creatures in the world!

  • Don’t lose that dream , don’t lose your enthusiasm to rescue the impossible cases because that is what makes the difference to the animals and to us ! It is sad to hear of this ‘ split ‘ but let us hope that with two organizations out there even more help and awareness can be achieved ! Many wealthy and successful people say don’t worry about the money there is always plenty more of it out there ! Looking forward to hearing more of your plans for Lets Adopt International .

      • I recently discovered Let’s Adopt and their work. They would not exist without you. Whatever you decide to do will be the right thing as long as you follow your heart, as you wrote. I hope both organizations continue on with both as YOUR DREAM as their goal and mission. The animals need it, badly. May God bless you and guide all who have worked and will be working for both organizations. My deepest respect to you, Viktor.
        Joe W.

  • I believe in what you are doing, I agree that when personal ideas, and ideals get in the way of just caring and helping, things change, i know it costs a lot of money to rescue, as I aslo work in a rescue group in Australia, we try and work with councils to desex many animals, but I throughly believe in what you do, I may not always be able to give money, but when ever I can I will..
    I really do believe in what you have done, and continue to do…and I admire you for standing up for your beliefs.
    Kind Regards
    Helen Powderly

  • Viktor-Please don’t ever give up on the animals that need you. We need you. Don’t let the negative things people say empty your bucket. You are giving these animals a second chance at life. For some it’s a first chance at a life. I wish I had the resources to do what you do. I admire your courage to stand up to those that think you’re wasting your time with some of these animals. You can see how happy they are when they are feeling better. You’re a miracle worker. God Bless you and your crews who save all of Gods creatures.

  • Viktor, I have sent some very small amounts of money to you over the years. I’m on an Aged Pension, and of course I really don’t have much to spare, but any that I have goes to help animals that need it. I’m very sorry to hear that you have changed your attitude to the people you have been working with for quite a long time, but I trust you to work it out, and continue with your help for animals that desperately need helping. I shall always be behind you, and will send whatever help I may ever have for your marvellous cause.
    With a big hug for you, the Best of Wishes, and sincerity.

  • I’m with you, Viktor. Don’t let a few, ruin it for the animals. There are always one or two that want to run the show and change the direction of the organization.

  • Hi Viktor, ever since I received my very first email from you some years ago, I’ve greatly admired what you do. I’ve never been able to send much money your way, but watch with much interest and care the difficult things that you do. I’m with you always in your quest to save the animals that others have abandoned and watch each video in amazement at the transformation of most of the animals you rescue. You’re truly a savior for the animals who are put in your path. Please keep up the good work that you do! My best to you and your team!!!

  • Good Victor, you have a website that places you where you say you are.
    No more question, keep up the good work, animals need people like you that actually care.

  • Why didn’t you use your real name? If I were to head a rescue group, it would never occur to me to use anything but my real name. What is the main difference between your new group and the remaining group? Are you transparent in where the money goes? Are you a 501c(3)?

  • Merci Viktor
    Je vous aie connue il y a quelque années par un chien que j’ai admiré le courage de vivre et qu’il est quand même parti au paradis des toutous. J’aie appris à l’aimer et à tous les jours j’allais voir mon courriel pour voir si j’avais de ces nouvelles. Il se nommait Tidus. Et depuis je vous aie suivie et aidé dans des sauvetages. J’aime votre
    travail auprès des animaux. Ils sont si fragiles. Il faut les aider , Il sont des créatures de Dieu fait que d’amour. Alors je veux continué à vous soutenir. Merci Vktor Que Dieu Vous Bénisse,

  • I have no doubt that you will weather whatever is taking place between you and Let’s Adopt. As far as I am concerned, you were the heart, backbone and driving force for that rescue organization. Whatever you new adventure you start, will be great and wonderful. I am very hopeful that when I sort out my financial downfall, I will be able to start donating to your new venture.

  • I think I’ve already written a comment but wasn’t logged in ! Basically I am for you 100% – not a big donater ‘cos live on tiny UK pension augmented de temps en temps by art work , but i will be following you in whatever direction you have decided to go . Good luck ! Am I right in thinking you are starting a new rescue group ?

  • Victor, I was shocked, when I read that you left Let´s adopt.
    Let´s adopt is your “baby”.
    And now I´m glad to read that you will continue with the rescues and of course I will stay with you as many many people around the world, I´m sure!

  • So are you starting a new charity similar to Let’s Adopt Global?….if so what will it be call…is it Extreme Rescue…sorry you gave up the other one, you should NOT have allowed them to take over…that is what it sounds like…It seems they want to turn it into a money making machine…this is usually what happens to charities…I think you do a good job Victor, and am behind you…all the way. please don’t give up on what you do….the animals and us need you….

  • I share your passion, Viktor, and will stand with you, in all you do, for the countless numbers of rescues, and second chance opportunities, you give these animals. God bless, and give you strength, to continue your dream, and compassionate spirit.

  • Great video Viktor!! You put your heart and soul into this organization and I firmly believe that for anything to grow and succeed, it needs to be driven by just that!

  • Hi Victor, I don’t really understand if you are saying that you are leaving Let’s Adopt or staying.

    I really hope you are staying and not letting the negative forces stop you from doing what you do so incredibly well, and that is save lives. For several years now I have followed you, supported your efforts and I continue to do so. I have helped where I could, however I have a rescue wire fox terrier who has a lot of health issues so my funds have been going to her care.

    I would just like to say that Let’s Adopt Global is a wonderful organization and so worthy of all the support we can give.

  • Oh Viktor, I believe in you and I have so much respect for what you do. I will happily continue to support both Let’s Adopt and your new rescue group. Looking forward to many more amazing stories to come!

  • Hi Viktor!
    So glad to have a personal message from you – I was wondering what made you take such decision… Of course, I will.continue to suport you because you are an extra ordinary person. I felt the same way when I saw that post from LAG – they lost their heart and soul: you… Wish you luck! And if a critical.case is needing my support in LAG as well, they will have it as well only because you have created LAG with your sleepless nights and it will be a pitty to leave your “baby” to slowly die… But most of all O will follow you, a man that mskes a difference.

  • I am confused. Will there now be two organizations one of which will be run by you Viktor? Let’s adopt global and let’s adopt internationally? And when you say “more convenient” does this mean that the original organization plans to continue but will only rescue from a few countries where as you are creating another organization that will rescue worldwide?

    You are “let’s adopt global” so it’s quite a shame that “they” did not find a way to keep you on board! Once the heart and soul has been removed death is imminent!

    • Many thanks Elizabeth… I will be elegant and keep a respectful silence here… as for LAG´s imminent death I really hope that´s not the case and the current “team” is able to take the organisation to new heights.
      Time will tell.

  • Viktor I am behind you 100% and together we can make a difference. Never stop the work you do, there is no one who could take your place, those fur babies need you now more than ever before. My heart is waiting and willing to take a special cat into our home forever…………..

  • I have followed your fantastic work that you do for years Viktor, I have also donated, I somehow lost track after you left ”Lets Adopt Global” But I followed you on some many of your trecks via videos, you have done some wonderful things over the years to save some animals in the most appaling situations & unbelievable cruelty, so I thank you sooooo much for everything you have done & I hope that you will continue to do so, the animals need you & we do too, like many have said here….

  • Somehow, LAG is on and the same with you. This can’t change, so let do what we do best. help animals in need when all seems to be lost, we will be there. One thing though. you have a moral obligation to let everyone know what happened. Cause now, everyonw is assuming varius things, this has to stop.

  • Victor, of course I will support you. You helped me with Ivan on that island, and stayed up all night getting him ready. Following the example of our four-legged friends, you will have my unmitigated loyalty.
    Paul in Houston, TX

  • Victor (Ivan ) im confused TOTALLY CONFUSED. one thing says you quit another says let’s adopt intl didnt pay its bills and vanished and accused you of being a hoarder. I dont know what organization you actually work for who is taking care of oscar and helen? Please respond i was about to make a donation specifically for Oscar and Helen but i wont until my questions are cleared up. Thanks

  • I donated and I also told my friends to do the same. Get back to me every month and I’ll keep on donating. Animals are ours to care for not hurt them. Congrats on your good ethical work. My bests regards Isabelle

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