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EMERGENCY!! Fiona has Brachycefalic Syndrome and can´t breath. Help us save her life!


Every few years, following the dictates of fashion, a dog breed becomes trendy, people start buying puppies and breeding puppies themselves. Their neighbours have one so they want one themselves. This is what happened to Fiona´s breed. Fiona is a French Bulldog. Fiona was found wandering the streets of Sevilla, in Andalousia, Spain, one of

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ANGELINA has been in terrible pain for months… Please HELP US END HER PAIN!


This is the story of a double betrayal committed on a tiny dog, barely bigger than a rabbit, a dog that in her short life has twice experienced the bitter pang of abandonment but has never lost her ability to love.   Betrayal one… Angelina was abandoned and found wandering the streets, limping. Her hip was broken and this

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