Dog abused and neglected by horrible owner… we need to save him!


We have a situation! As most of you know, galgos (Spanish greyhounds) are hunting dogs usually treated terribly by their owners. We are trying to rescue one, but… things have become complicated. Please watch this video to the end, and make a suggestion if you have one!

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  1. Lisa 22 de October de 2021

    Could you get the Police involved and then take the dogs from them? All the dogs need rescuing.

  2. Nilda McGrory 22 de October de 2021

    I can’t donate at this time but if I were you I’d put something in the food that would not hurt him and would mage the dog sleep. Then I’d have a car ready and take him. This is not stealing….you are saving a life. My dog is my family and I would do anything to save her or any loose dog! Go for it!

  3. Patricia ruiall 22 de October de 2021

    Thank you for saving these animals.
    You truly a angel .
    I am studying veterinarian technician and would love to come there from Texas the USA to volunteer.

  4. Pamela Garlisch 23 de October de 2021

    Find out where the guy lives, on a specified night try to distract him, maybe somebody befriends him and on that night, trap the dog. It would take more time though, maybe too long.

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