Emotional! Today is the worst day of Nano’s life!


Emotional! Today is the worst day of Nano’s life!

Today is the first of Nano’s four surgeries. We are starting with his right elbow. He will have to go through so much, but it can’t be avoided. He will always have our support. Will we have yours? I’ve told him he can count on you!

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  1. Dawn Guthrie-Clark 31 de May de 2022 Reply

    Sweet Nano, I know he will be ok in your hands. How is fhe injured kitty doing?

  2. Anne David 31 de May de 2022 Reply

    Wow… what a beautiful and big dog… the way my heart respond lovingly to 🙂 I hope he will respond well to the anesthetics and that all 4 surgeries will 100% successfull! Let’s hope that he will have a totally normal life after all the time to recover after each surgery. We would like to adopt Nano… we are ready to wait the time it takes because it will take time with all he’s going and is going to go through. Really, I am head over heels for Nano… I thought that a smaller dog would be better for our Gaïa but… when we think about it, really, a big dog to play with her is much calmer even if stronger and that would be perfect ! Can you let me know if we could selected as his new familly if all goes well? No stairs but an acces ramp already in place 🙂 A big fenced yard and 3 female cats (blood sister, 10 yrs old) who love dogs 🙂 They even play with Gaïa, Anya call her to play he he. You have all the info about my previous 2 black labs who reached a pretty old age so you know we take great care of our animals until the inevitable has to occur, unfortunately. Let me know if adoption is a possility for us, ok? Thank you for saving this great dog ! Nano, sweetheart, go through all this as the champion you are and always will be, ok? I promise you, we are a familly that would love and care for you (on all levels) until the end of your days. Hugs, love and kisses to ya !

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