Shocking! You won’t believe what they did to this beautiful cat!


Shocking! You won’t believe what they did to this beautiful cat!

We were asked for help for a kitty found in southern Spain with a gaping wound on his back. This kitty is not a street cat… we don’t know whether he was dumped on the street by his family or not, but he is in terrible shape. We don’t know exactly how he got his injuries, but they are difficult to describe. Please watch this video… Marco is the sweetest kitty and he needs your help today!

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  1. Natalie Lynn 16 de May de 2022

    Please save Marco! So very sad. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Susan Austin 16 de May de 2022

    That video was hard to watch. Poor little soldier. I hope he recovers soon and Keep up the good work.

  3. Judith Clemerson 16 de May de 2022

    Hi just donated a little for poor sweet Marco – hope you guys can work your magic as always

  4. Jan Flores 17 de May de 2022

    Susan was right. The video was very hard to watch. But it’s even harder for poor Marco to endure such a horrible wound– and the pain that goes with it. I hope this brave cat survives and recovers soon.

  5. Maryka Collins 17 de May de 2022

    Poor little darling had to suffer like this hope they find the bastert that done this to him thank you for saving Marco and the amazing vet and team who are looking after him

  6. Linda Lubiner 17 de May de 2022

    Yes, this video is sad to watch. What kind of “person” does this to an animal. Most likely they’ll never find that sob that did this to Marco. I know you will do whatever it takes to save this kitty. I’ve had a number of orange cats over the years, and they are so very sweet. Thanks to the amazing vet who looks after all animals that come his way.

  7. Maria Angeles Sese 17 de May de 2022

    Buenos días, me imagino ke habréis recibido varias peticiones pero ME GUSTARiA ADOPTAR a MARCO

  8. Daiva 17 de May de 2022

    I am glad to be part of Patreon for you guys, thank you for saving poor guy!

  9. DHughes 17 de May de 2022

    Reminds how some humans are instruments of evil. Skinning an animal alive is what Chinese, Indians, and Asians do. How is Spain close to a Amsterdam?

  10. Dawn Guthrie-Clark 17 de May de 2022

    whoever did this to this innocent kitty has no soul. God bless you for helping him

  11. Janie 18 de May de 2022

    I have 3 cats & 2 dogs. They are loved & cared for. People that do cruel things to animals need stringing up, also deserve the same treatment they gave the animal.

  12. Anna 18 de May de 2022

    Only people can do these horrible things to the animals. We need to pass the laws to put people in jails for animal cruelty. Death penalty could be considered too.
    Dear kitty, I send you my healing energy to recover and some money. I ask the universe to help all the animals and protect them from people-monsters.

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