These dogs need homes and time is running out!

Simon and Garfunkel have been with us for years! People don’t want to separate brothers, but no one has wanted to adopt both together! We have to solve this dilemma now! Please share this video… let’s find these wonderful dogs homes, together or separately!
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Estos perros necesitan familias y se acaba el tiempo!
Simón y Garfunkel llevan años con nosotros! La gente no quiere separar los hermanos, pero nadie los ha querido adoptar juntos! Este problema ha de resolverse ahora! Por favor, comparte este vídeo… encontremos familias para estos perros maravillosos, juntos o por separado!
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A dog massacre is happening in Turkey!

Christmas Eve, a time for joy and peace. Not everywhere! On Christmas Eve, Turkish President Erdogan declared war on stray animals. Because of an attack by two dogs, not strays but with an owner, on a young girl, he announced that all stray dogs should be rounded up by whatever means and taken to the country’s municipal shelters, absolute hell holes, where they literally die terrible deaths. Please share this video far and wide. The world has to know what is happening to thousands of innocent dogs on the streets of Turkey!


A new beginning

A New Year begins… and like most people we have made our New Year Resolutions. The challenges that face us include opening our hospital, moving our animals from the Pink House to the Great House, making our donor base grow (nothing new there!) and continuing to save lives, our greatest mission! So let’s get sharing these videos far and wide… we need the world to see what lengths we go to when saving lives!
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Our last video… let’s talk about families!

The last video of the year is dedicated to our adoptive families! I explain what we look for when seeking homes for our animals. We don’t look for wealth or riches, but the very best match in each individual case. We don’t care where they live, as long as they are the right people. Watch until the end if you would like to know how we choose our adopters!
We wish all of us the very best in 2022!
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This dog will end the year without a family! Help me change that!

We rescued Coco because his family left him on the street and wouldn’t let him in! He was sick and we cured him. Now at the Great House, Coco is a wonderful dog and has been with us for months. I need your help to find him a new family! Please share this video with your friends… Coco’s family is out there somewhere!
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The moment an abused and neglected dog meets her new family!

Bonita was terrified when we rescued her. She had two broken legs and had been in excruciating pain for 10 days. Her surgeries were successful but it has taken a lot of TLC to convince her that we are not her enemies. Yesterday I drove 14 hours to take her to her new family. Was it worth it? Come with me and decide for yourself… I think you’ll approve! Please donate, help us to continue save lives!


This kitty has lost both eyes… she’s recovering now!

Ginny and Belinda have had their eyes enucleated, to guarantee an infection-free future. Come with me to see their surgery. They are recovering well and you will soon see them happy and playing together.
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A Merry Christmas to you all!


This is important… today we help a blind kitty!

Ginny and Belinda were rescued from extreme danger and pitiful living conditions. We tried to save Ginny’s vision but it was sadly too late. Now we need to enucleate their eyes to eliminate a source of recurring infections, ensuring that they live healthy lives. They are just two tiny kittens, but they really need your help!
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I told you he would be back!

Sergio left us a couple of months ago, but I knew he wouldn’t disappear! He‘s already rescuing and feeding street animals! He’s part of our family… let’s give his YouTube channel a boost! Please go and check it out and subscribe!


Zoe is back home… now we have to wait!

We are anxiously waiting for her biopsy results, while Jorge decides whether she can be operated or not. Worrying times just before Christmas. In the meantime, dear Zoe is being cared for and spoiled at the Pink House, as she deserves. Let’s pay her a visit…
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