Thousands of dogs living in terrible conditions

Today I look back to when it all started… a visit to a dog shelter in Turkey that nearly broke my heart. I had to do something. Ideas started forming… and that was the seed from which Let’s Adopt International grew. Please join me in these memories…


Hi! It’s about Linda…

Linda’s blood tests revealed a problem with her liver, so today she had two blood tests to find out what is going on. She has gained weight in just a few days… come with me and Linda to the vet today…


Remembering Pippa… found twisted and shaking!

Today I look back at one of our most emotional rescues. Pippa was twisted, shaking and emaciated, unable to coordinate her movements and walk. To see her bond with her adopter was such an uplifting experience… Pippa was loved around the world!


Emergency! Little Linda was terribly neglected…

Linda the Chihuahua has not seen a vet in 15 years! Her blood tests are terrible. She is anemic and severely underweight and has leishmaniasis. She is 18 years old and cannot wait! Please donate now, help us save Linda!


Dog loses her only family after 18 years…

Linda’s owner and only companion has passed away, leaving Linda alone in her twilight years. She was at risk so we stepped up and drove to get her. Welcome to the White House, Linda!