Emergency! Noa needs a blood transfusion!

Today Noa’s burning skin was relieved by a special medicated bath, given with love and compassion. We can now even see her beautiful eyes! However, although this has made her feel more comfortable, her blood results are absolutely catastrophic, and she is going to be prepared for the blood transfusion that she so badly needs. This is going to be a long healing process, which you will be sharing with us on our videos, and we still need your help.
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Emergency! Amazing story… Noa is in critical condition!

Yesterday you saw how we rescued Noa from the pound and rushed her to our veterinary hospital. She was completely shut down. Her poor physical condition was apparent, but today we are showing you the test that were performed and their terrible results. Noa is in critical condition. Not only does she have leishmaniasis but also severe anaemia, the cause of her extreme weakness. Noa will need months of treatment, but we promise you that she will have everything she needs. We need your help. Please donate, help us save Noa!


Emergency! You will never forget this dog… please read her story!

We were asked for help for a dog found abandoned and taken to the pound. Her photos were horrifying. We drove to get her and what we found left us speechless! NOA was dying! She was like a dead dog walking. Rushed to our hospital, she is getting treatment. We have to bring her back to life! We need you. NOA needs you!

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Great news! Molly is walking again!

She did it! The day following her first surgery Molly was on her feet. She is an absolutely extraordinary dog! Come with me to see her today, take a short walk with her and don’t miss her patience when her wounds are being cured.
Molly still needs your help! Please donate, help us save her!


Molly has had her first surgery! See what we’ve done!

Molly has had her first surgery! We have installed an external fixation so that she can stand and walk while her infection is treated. Once the infection remits, we will insert a plate to stabilise her leg while new bone forms. This is only the first step in her recovery, but it’s an important one. We will never let her down, but we need your help.
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Molly needs to be operated tomorrow! She needs your help today!

While the infection hopefully remits, Molly needs her leg to be stabilised by an external fixation, which will be replaced by an internal plate when the time is right. But first she needs this surgery to get back on her feet and preserve her muscle mass! So she has at least two surgeries before her and the first one is early tomorrow! We need your help to cover all her costs, which will be considerable. Please look her in the eyes… she deserves this!
Please donate, help us save Molly’s leg!


Molly has arrived at our hospital… her injuries are devastating!

After her long journey yesterday, Molly is now being treated in our hospital. She is the gentlest of dogs and her injuries are shocking! Molly only has us, this rescue group and its amazing community. She needs us all by her side if we are to obtain the best possible outcome… a healthy, happy future!
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Dramatic rescue! Dog with terrible fracture begs for help!

We found Molly in the hills, in the middle of nowhere… inexplicably with a badly fractured leg and other injuries. We have no idea where she came from, but now she is with us and faces an uphill battle to save that infected leg. She needs us all today, as she travels to our clinic.
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The betrayal of the three blind Turkish dogs

In 2008 I was in Turkey when I received an email asking for help for three blind dogs. I rescued them, but unfortunately things did not go as expected after that … From that moment I decided that I wanted to do things differently, I decided to create my own rescue group. Today I tell you the story that laid the foundations of Let’s Adopt.