Goodbye, María. She spent a lifetime chained to the wall!

María had been chained to a wall all her life when we rescued her. She underwent several surgeries, but we knew she only had a few months to live. Thanks to our community, they were the happiest months of her life. You can see her story here:


Simon needs a family

Simon has grown up with us, but needs his own family. Please see the story of this wonderful dog here:


Richard’s amazing journey!

Richard was in a Greek shelter with absolutely no future. We flew him to one of the best hospital’s in Europe and he later travelled to his forever home. To see what Richard’s life is like today, AND WHAT CAN BE DONE WITH YOUR SUPPORT, don’t miss the end of this video…


Lina and Victoria

We were asked for help for two puppies, Lina and Victoria, that were attacked by a pack of dogs in Oman, and barely survived. Please see their story here:


Special guest

A member of our community came to visit the White House today. Jaime and his mother have been following us for a long time. And the dogs were happy to see him! You can join us in welcoming him here:


Tesla’s evolution

Tesla has a severe birth defect and his leg is going to be amputated. But… he is the happiest puppy and will make you smile. You can see Tesla before his surgery here:


Star’s evolution

Star was just a baby when his paws were cut off in an extreme act of cruelty. He has been in treatment for weeks and is now in a foster home until he can travel. Please watch his progress here: