Dog abused and neglected by horrible owner… we need to save him!

We have a situation! As most of you know, galgos (Spanish greyhounds) are hunting dogs usually treated terribly by their owners. We are trying to rescue one, but… things have become complicated. Please watch this video to the end, and make a suggestion if you have one!
Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


Meet Mr Big! This tiny kitty will make you fall in love!

Born on the streets, this kitten was finding it hard to survive, the only one in a group of hungry adults. Now safe and with us, Mr Big has turned into the sweetest kitten ever… and he needs the very best home. Help me find a family that will love him for ever! Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


STOP! Bonita’s Surgery postponed!

Bonita’s surgery has been postponed! I received a call from our hospital, they explained to me that Bonita injured herself and that it would be prudent to delay her second surgery for a few days. There is nothing to worry about, we are just being cautious, but we are delaying her surgery for now. I will keep you informed on Bonita’s condition! Donate, help us continue saving lives!


Bonita was left to die with two broken legs. HELP HER RUN AGAIN!

After 10 days left in agony with two broken legs and no pain relief, Bonita’s first surgery brought the first smile to her face. Now we need to keep our promise and operate the second leg, so that Bonita can live a happy life. Please donate, help Bonita run again!


My old friend is not getting better, we have to wait and see…

One of two eldest residents, Lilly, has been back to the vet for a follow-up on her eye. She sees to have hurt it somehow. There is not much improvement yet… fingers crossed this doesn’t evolve into a worse problem. For the time being, Lilly remains in Maribel’s capable hands. We cannot do this without you. Please donate, help us continue to care for Lilly!


This little dog is a super hero!

After 10 days in constant pain from two broken front legs, Bonita had her first surgery less than a week ago and look at her now! We are only able to help her thanks to you! The other leg is still pending surgery… please donate, help us save Bonita!


Our old lady, Lilly, is not feeling well…

Rescuing older dogs requires commitment… extra care and extra love (if that is possible) to make up for a lifetime of abuse. Lilly does not have the best of vision, but she has been having more problems with her eyes lately… today Lilly goes to the vet to see what is going on. Please donate, help us continue to care for Lilly!


I need you to watch this video… it’s important

All rescues are struggling worldwide. Local adoptions are limited. Covid restrictions are still in place. We are lucky to have built a wonderful community of followers, within the international animal rescue world. But we need our community to become involved, to make a commitment… for the animals. Please donate, help us continue saving lives. Or join my personal support group on Patreon.


I need to talk to you… it’s about a dog rescued by soldiers in Lebanon

Rescuing animals from areas of conflict is no easy task. Military personnel deployed in such areas often bond with strays found locally. They become their family in difficult times. When the time comes to return home, how can they possibly leave them behind? Our offer to help Jon the puppy come to Spain has now been extended to two kitties too… we really need your help to complete this logistically and bureaucratically complex task. Please watch the video to the end and, if you can, donate, help us save them!