Today was the best day of my life!

Hi! Bruno here… I spent two days in the hospital, which was strange. But today Viktor has brought me to a new place… and I love it! I get to go wherever I want and even get belly rubs! That was a message from Bruno… come with me today to bring him to the Great House. We have turned his life around completely! After a few weeks of treatment he will be ready to go to a forever home… Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


Bruno is free! We are taking him to the vet…

No further explanations needed… Bruno is free! He jumped into my car as if his life depended on it, and he was probably right… now we are on our way to the vet! He has been chained up for his entire life… we need to check his health condition. Bruno is no longer living in hell… please donate, help us save Bruno!


We move to a new place and our dogs are loving it!

The move from the White House has been stressful to say the least! And loads of hard work! But… the move is complete, although work continues, and the dogs are absolutely loving it! Come with me today to see how they are doing…


Today is my birthday…

I had an early morning gift… Sergio is away on vacation… so I thought I’d show you my morning ride and tell you about three rescues with which you may not be familiar. Please donate! Help us continue saving lives!


I am sorry.. I did all I could

Some reflections on the burden rescuing animals places on us, the rescuers. Through each agonising request and plea, we do our best, but at some point, we need to know what we can and what we can’t do. If we fail to understand our limitations, we will soon be unable to continue doing what we do.


A decision that could change your life… FOR THE BETTER !

COVID has changed the world, and it has affected the way we find homes for our animals, as well as the delicate logistics these trips entail.
If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please watch this video, as I try to explain how to do it…Donate, help us continue saving lives


Things are not going well…

Today we had to take Coco back to the hospital. Things were not going well with his treatment, he wasn’t improving as fast as we wanted…
Coco´s treatment continues… Donate, help us save him.