We are building a paradise for our animals…

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The White House will soon be in the past, and we are looking to the future, building a better home for our rescues, now and those to come. The location is perfect

Please help us build a paradise for our animals…

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9 thoughts on “We are building a paradise for our animals…”

  1. Cynthia Marrs

    This is a BIG move. LOTS of work needs to be done. Keep up your wonderful care for all the animals. And good luck in this new endeavor.

  2. Gladly! May I move in as well!!! Canada is not doing very well either….hahahaha

  3. Praise GOD for the work for the animals .we are there voice innocent helpless unconditional LOVE angels.Man’S best friends.GOD BLESS you all carry on.

  4. Keep up the good work. Your team has lots of followers and friends in Sweden.
    All the best // Peter

  5. For The Great House
    What a beautiful name! A cannot not contribute to this project. Blessings for Let’s Adopt and support you have shared. So much love gratitude for everything you do.

    Kindest regards, r

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