My dog needs help again… it’s very serious


Two years after being successfully operated for a slipped disc, my dog Mia has once again woken in pain, and has been diagnosed with a slipped disk and medullar infarction… she needs surgery as soon as possible if she is to walk again. She is a member of my family, I have to fight by her side as before.

Please donate, help me operate Mia and continue saving lives!

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  1. Bibi 2 de November de 2021

    For Mia’s surgery.

  2. Stacey M. 2 de November de 2021

    To help Mia. Thank you for all you do to help animals in need.

  3. Deb 3 de November de 2021

    It’s not much but hopefully if everyone gives a bit it will help .

  4. Shane P 3 de November de 2021

    I hope together we can make this happen for you and Mia, and thank you for EVERYTHING you do for those special animals you rescue!!!

  5. Ann 3 de November de 2021

    Hope Mia gets well soon to continue a happy life

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