Our kitty is critical, we’re trying to stabilise him…


Michael is still in critical condition, with a very slight improvement. Hopefully he will be well enough for the blood transfusion he so badly needs later today. Cats deserve our help as much as dogs do…

Please help us save Michael!

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  1. Kathy 17 de August de 2021

    My heart is breaking for Michael..such a sweet kitty and he looks like my male cat..Thank you Viktor for bringing him to the hospital where he will have a fighting chance because of all the love and care he is being given.May God heal Michael so he can enjoy the life he deserves so much ❤

  2. Andrea P 17 de August de 2021

    Heartbreaking. Thank you for doing your best for sweet Michael and giving him the care he needs.
    I don’t understand that people respond less to pleas for cats. I have 3 cars myself and I have donated for Michael

  3. Angela 19 de August de 2021

    Thank you for saving this little darling Viktor – I love cats too and I always wondered why there was so much focus on dogs (I have a dog whom I love very much) and not so much on cats.
    I donated to Afghanistan yesterday – please can you give us some updates as to whether they got out or not.
    I’ll have to wait until next week before I can donate again.
    Angela X

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