Michael is fighting for his life… we gave him new blood!


Michael is a fighter, and we are fighting with him! He had a blood transfusion this morning, which will hopefully make him strong enough to undergo the dental surgery that he so desperately needs.

Please help Michael. He needs you… donate, help us save him!

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  1. Tea_JH68 18 de August de 2021

    Although he looks uncomfortable, I believe, Michael’s body is fighting for him. He is at least standing up, attempting to eat under his condition, and wants to be touched. That’s a good sense of gratitude towards the doctors and that is feeling a little better for his 2nd day. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Looking foward for the good news! Praying for you Michael Kitty.

  2. Colleen Moceri 18 de August de 2021

    As a cat rescuer and newborn kitten caretaker this breaks my heart. We as humans are better than this! COMPASSION is what we need. Prayers for Michael. ❤️‍

  3. Linda L. 19 de August de 2021

    I have never seen a cat purr and knead his paws while in pain until now though I had read they would. This cat is doing this to try to heal and soothe himself. He needs someone to gently stroke the top of his head and talk loving words to him in hospital several times a day to show him he is loved and give him the will to live. I am in the United States, but I wish I were there to do that.

  4. Fiona 19 de August de 2021

    Michael sweetie we are praying for you to be a well, whole & happy kitty

  5. Maggie M 19 de August de 2021

    My heart goes out to all animals in need. Helping in donating is least we can do for animals in need like little Micheal God Bless his brave souls. We can save lives if we all have what ever we can afford. It might not seem like a lot but with enough people it adds up and a life is saved. Please help. Hang in there little buddy you’re loved

  6. Priscilla Clipsham 20 de August de 2021

    Whoever treated and abandoned this poor baby cat should be put in prison.
    Thank you Viktor so much for the work you are doing.

  7. Delia 20 de August de 2021

    Prayers for Michael thank u for having compassion for the animals

  8. Carol 21 de August de 2021

    It is Aug. 20, I know you are busy saving Michael, but I would really love an update. He is so fragile.

  9. Cortina 24 de August de 2021

    I donated. God bless Michael. Save him,please.

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