Live rescue! We rescue a kitty with a devastating back injury!


Live rescue! We rescue a kitty with a devastating back injury!

We were asked for help for a kitty found in southern Spain with a gaping wound on his back. This kitty is not a street cat… we don’t know whether he was dumped on the street by his family or not, but he is in terrible shape. We will show you the extent of his tremendous injuries on Monday… please don’t miss it. Marco is going to need your help!

Please, donate, help us continue saving lives!

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  1. Carolyn 16 de May de 2022

    Hope he finds his forever home as he so deserves the love he gives to be reciprocated

  2. Karen D 16 de May de 2022

    What a beautiful and loving cat…he deserves a life and home full of love in return.

  3. RITA 17 de May de 2022

    This is for you sweet Marco.
    I know you will be healthy and happy very soon.
    With love from Roma

  4. Alison Atz 18 de May de 2022

    Thank you for rescuing this precious kitty,& working so hard to save him.

  5. Haddie 18 de May de 2022

    Thank you all for what you do for these poor babies that you find. I wish I had more to give you. I thank you so very much may the Lord God bless and keep you all in the name of Jesus. It’s my prayer for you all.

  6. Tiffany 18 de May de 2022

    I hope he gets strong and healthy. I cannot stop crying.. eould love to find who did this to him. Love you Marco. Prayers from Canada.

  7. Jen 29 de May de 2022

    Marco, love has the power to heal wounds. You deserve the very best and i hope my gift will help you to recover
    back to health
    Hugs & Kisses from
    IL, USA

  8. Swati 3 de June de 2022

    Thank you for all you do! May this kitty get completely well, and get a forever home where they love her and pamper her, protect, and spoil her.

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