Can I donate by cheque or telephone?

We are unable to accept donations by cheque or telephone at this time. It is easy, however, to donate via PayPal or using a credit or debit card. We realise that there may be some concerns regards donating via the internet, so we have made sure that our website donation system is 100% secure. Please take a look:

How can I help?

Thank you for wanting to help us. At this time, we need donations to enable us to continue to save lives. Please consider making a one-off or recurring monthly donation. Thank you so much!

Do you adopt out internationally?

We take our animals to wherever the best home for them is, whether this be in the United States or elsewhere in Europe. Please read our instructions for starting the adoption process:

Do you accept volunteers?

We do not have a volunteer program in place at this time. Having said this, if you are near Valencia, Spain at any time, or plan to be, please let us know by completing the contact form ( to arrange a visit. We would love to see you!