How is Tesla, our sweet three-legged puppy, now?

Remember Tesla? Born with a birth defect, we had to amputate one of his legs. He was reunited with his brother Blue in his forever home. If you want to see how Tesla is doing now, come with me to see him in today’s video.


How we make our daily videos…

We try to post a video every weekday. How do we do this? Are they planned? Improvised? Join me today and I’ll explain… it’s not easy, but we are always here…Donate, help us continue saving lives


Traumatized puppies get the help they need!

Not all our rescues have medical problems. Carla and Johnny are traumatised by the brutal abuse they suffered as puppies. Let me show you today how we face these highly complex challenges… broken spirits are harder to heal than broken legs, but we never give up!
Donate, help us continue saving lives!


This is crazy… I can’t take it any more

What does a rescuer do besides rescuing? You’d be surprised… the work to be done seems to grow rather than shrinking! This is what I and my team were involved with yesterday… it never stops. And tomorrow… another surprise I wasn’t hoping for…


Today I made a new friend…

Bruno spent 7 years on a chain. It’s time for him to learn to be a dog among other dogs. Join me to see his first meeting with other animals of his species. In the meantime, we await news of Pen Farthing and his staff and animals in Afghanistan…