I wish I had better news…

A couple of months ago Zoe gave us a scare… after a CAT scan we discovered a mass affecting her heart, an inoperable tumour. Zoe is not young any more, but with her medication she is fighting on and still having fun, like the wonderful dog she is. Alex filmed an update on her status and also brings you news of other animals at the Pink House today.
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The betrayal of the three blind Turkish dogs

In 2008 I was in Turkey when I received an email asking for help for three blind dogs. I rescued them, but unfortunately things did not go as expected after that … From that moment I decided that I wanted to do things differently, I decided to create my own rescue group. Today I tell you the story that laid the foundations of Let’s Adopt.


A dog massacre is happening in Turkey!

Christmas Eve, a time for joy and peace. Not everywhere! On Christmas Eve, Turkish President Erdogan declared war on stray animals. Because of an attack by two dogs, not strays but with an owner, on a young girl, he announced that all stray dogs should be rounded up by whatever means and taken to the country’s municipal shelters, absolute hell holes, where they literally die terrible deaths. Please share this video far and wide. The world has to know what is happening to thousands of innocent dogs on the streets of Turkey!


A new beginning

A New Year begins… and like most people we have made our New Year Resolutions. The challenges that face us include opening our hospital, moving our animals from the Pink House to the Great House, making our donor base grow (nothing new there!) and continuing to save lives, our greatest mission! So let’s get sharing these videos far and wide… we need the world to see what lengths we go to when saving lives!
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This dog will end the year without a family! Help me change that!

We rescued Coco because his family left him on the street and wouldn’t let him in! He was sick and we cured him. Now at the Great House, Coco is a wonderful dog and has been with us for months. I need your help to find him a new family! Please share this video with your friends… Coco’s family is out there somewhere!
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Look who’s back from the hospital!

Spoony had us worried because he had vomited blood, and the first diagnosis was rat poison! At the emergency room, they pumped him full of vitamin K as an antidote… and we were able to stabilise him. A few days later, we have been able to bring him home. Come with us to see how he is doing! Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


Spoony has been poisoned!

Not only do we rescue extreme cases, but we often care for these animals, once they have been treated or operated, for the rest of their lives. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously, however expensive it might turn out to be, and this is why we need your continued support. Please consider making a monthly donation… become part of Let’s Adopt.
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We found this puppy dying in a shoe box…

Yes, you read that right. She was dying and someone dumped her in a park in a shoe box. India had a heart condition, a birth defect, and needed a very risky surgery. We operated successfully and she is thriving now. However, she needs a Bailey chair to eat… do you know what that is? Come with me today and I’ll show you…
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Your time to make the difference for animals is now…

Hi! GIVING TUESDAY is here. Today people all over the world are coming together in an act of generosity. The global pandemic has drastically changed the way animal rescues are forced to operate. Our adoptions have suffered from travel restrictions and we are caring for more animals than ever. We have so many animals that need your help.
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Lilly has left us…

Lilly was already old and tired when we rescued her. Knowing how her breed is used by hunters in Spain, there is no question that the last two years of love and care have been the happiest in her life. However, her cognitive dysfunction was beginning to affect her too much. Loved by Maribel and her partner like one of their own, the time came today to help her leave in peace. Lilly was a member of our family… she will never be forgotten. Go with love, Lilly!