It’s time to say Goodbye

This video marks the end of an era for us, and the beginning of something new. After five years we are moving out. It’s been a beautiful five years and we leave behind wonderful memories, but if we want everything to remain the same, it is necessary that everything changes.


I take my mother to meet our dogs…

My mother is happier since she has been with me, but wanted to meet the dogs she has seen so often on our channel. Come with us to visit the White House and see who has the first swim of the season…


Luna has left us…

My home is a little emptier today… Luna’s kidneys shut down completely yesterday and we had to say goodbye. She was the sweetest, kindest dog… rest in peace, Luna


To the strongest dog I ever met…

Linda was operated yesterday… 18-years old, with multiple conditions, and she sailed through major surgery! You won’t believe what they found inside her! Come with me to see her operation…


Thousands of dogs living in terrible conditions

Today I look back to when it all started… a visit to a dog shelter in Turkey that nearly broke my heart. I had to do something. Ideas started forming… and that was the seed from which Let’s Adopt International grew. Please join me in these memories…