This kitty has lost both eyes… she’s recovering now!

Ginny and Belinda have had their eyes enucleated, to guarantee an infection-free future. Come with me to see their surgery. They are recovering well and you will soon see them happy and playing together.
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A Merry Christmas to you all!


This is important… today we help a blind kitty!

Ginny and Belinda were rescued from extreme danger and pitiful living conditions. We tried to save Ginny’s vision but it was sadly too late. Now we need to enucleate their eyes to eliminate a source of recurring infections, ensuring that they live healthy lives. They are just two tiny kittens, but they really need your help!
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Zoe is back home… now we have to wait!

We are anxiously waiting for her biopsy results, while Jorge decides whether she can be operated or not. Worrying times just before Christmas. In the meantime, dear Zoe is being cared for and spoiled at the Pink House, as she deserves. Let’s pay her a visit…
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Something is growing inside her… we need to see what it is!

Zoe collapsed last week and after rushing her to the hospital, X-rays showed what seemed to be a mass next to her heart. This has been confirmed this morning by a CT scan, and a biopsy has been taken. We are waiting for the results and Jorge’s assessment of the CT images to decide what to do. Zoe is resting now, and we are very concerned.
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Zoe collapsed this morning… we need to do something!

Sweet Zoe is nearly 13 years old, and she gave us a fright this when she collapsed outside. Our vet decided she needed a complete examination and we rushed her to the hospital. Her X-rays have shown what looks like a mass by her heart… the CT scan she needs is scheduled for Monday. Please donate, help us save Zoe!


Dog breaks her legs jumping off a roof… look at her now!

When we rescued her, Bonita not only had been 10 days with broken legs and no pain killers, but she also, not surprisingly, was suspicious of everyone she met, growling and biting anyone who tried to touch her. Her legs fixed, the work on her character slowly started when she left the hospital. Tea took her home and, as you can see, the magic began. Bonita will be going to her new home after Christmas… watch today’s video to see how she has changed! Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


Terrified dog rescued from the streets learns to trust again…

Macarena had been on the streets, fending for herself, for some time. She wants to trust us, but just can’t bring herself to do so. Maribel is making great process, but today I went to see if she could begin to trust me… don’t miss this visit to see how Macarena is doing at the Great House! Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


Dog with face torn to shreds gets a wonderful second chance!

Today you are going to see the most amazing transformation! Duna had her face destroyed when she was dragged along the road by a vehicle… she needed eleven surgeries to undo the damage, and lost her trust in people along the way. But watch this video to the end to see that it is true that love conquers all! Please donate, help us continue saving lives like Duna’s!


Amazing recovery of dog found with catastrophic leg injury!

At times our efforts are such that we obtain surprising outcomes! Honey’s leg was practically gone when she was rescued, but we didn’t give up and neither did she. This video shows you the absolutely amazing dog she is today!
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Dog loses half his face in brutal attack! You won’t believe what happened next…

To rescue animals that otherwise have no chance, so that they thrive and live full lives, is our mission and our purpose. Of all our past rescues, Sky is one of the most memorable, not only because of the unbelievable injuries caused by barbaric cruelty, but also because of the ground-breaking surgery that ultimately saved him. Sky lives happily now thanks to the generosity of our community. We need you to become part of that community. Please donate, help us continue saving lives!