This cat, with amazing blue eyes, is fighting for his life!

Dylan was left behind when his family moved away… and he needs our help! He has a gaping wound on his neck, which we have sutured and are hoping will hold. He is also battling infection. Dylan has already been let down once by his family. We are his new family and he needs us all!


OMG! I can’t believe what happened to this cat!

Who moves house and leaves their kitty behind? Dylan was living alone in an empty house… until he was seen with a gaping wound on his neck. A kind person grabbed him and asked us for help. He is now in hospital being treated in an attempt to ward off infection. Dylan needs your help today!


Emotional! Brutally injured dog tries to walk again!

She is an old and tired hunting dog. On top of that, she was dumped and hit by a car. Nothing is broken, but Lola’s old bones are painful and she finds it difficult to walk. She is in treatment in our hospital and, with your help, I promise that we will make life easier and more enjoyable for her. We will soon see a new Lola!


Wonderful news about Noa!

Here she is, with a smile on her face! Noa is thriving with Greg at her foster home. She gets regular check-ups and the vets are extremely pleased. Noa has shown what a fighter she is and, with your help, she is improving every day. Keep going, Noa!


Impressive! We operated on Nano and fixed his leg!

Yesterday, I stopped the video just as we were going into surgery with Nano. We operated his right elbow joint. Have a look at this. This is Nano’s surgery. This is just the first of the four surgeries that Nano needs.
Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


Emotional! Today is the worst day of Nano’s life!

Today is the first of Nano’s four surgeries. We are starting with his right elbow. He will have to go through so much, but it can’t be avoided. He will always have our support. Will we have yours? I’ve told him he can count on you!


This dog will suffer all his life unless we do something!

Nano is a charming, loving, huge 6-month old puppy with serious development problems in his legs. He is going to need 4 surgeries if he is to live a normal, pain-free life. The first is scheduled for tomorrow. This is an enormous, incredibly expensive, challenge, but absolutely necessary. We have to do this, and we need your help!


Shocking! Beautiful kitty recovers from brutal injuries to his back!

In today’s video we give you and update on Marco and Coffee, two of the animals we currently have under our care.
Marco is recovering from the terrible injuries he suffered to his back. We have managed to keep infection at bay, it is looking better.
Coffee is also recovering from his second surgery this week. He doesn’t step fully on his broken leg yet but, it is normal at this stage..
We know he’s going to get better! Thank you all for being here!