Oscar, the dog of stone that miraculously came back to life has been living at the Pink House for some time… he needs your help again!


Star and Lilly

Lilly is nearly blind and deaf and really tired. She needs a loving family in her old age. Please help me find a family for Lilly.
In the meantime, Star is still in treatment but is having a great time learning to socialize.



Duchess has been waiting for a home for some years… she is black, so more difficult to home. Crazy, right? Now she has a wonderful family waiting for her in the UK, but Covid-19 restrictions are making everything more complicated.



Just rescued! Abandoned blind, deaf and with a broken heart! She needs you! After working for her hunter owner her entire life, now she is blind and deaf and has been thrown away like a broken tool. Lila has a serious heart condition and is being closely monitored in the Intensive Care Unit of Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital. When she deserves to live the rest of her life in comfort, we are fighting for her life.



Months ago we rescued a dog with terrible injuries on her face and head. We called her Duna. The images speak for themselves. Duna was in a horrific condition. She’s had several plastic surgeries to try to cover all the destruction of her lower jaw. Now we need to go into surgery to cover an area that remains exposed. This beautiful dog has gone through absolute hell and she still needs your help.


Beluga whales

This is not our usual kind of video, still, I felt it was important to raise our voice against injustice. I received a call for help… my friend asked me to go and check the conditions in which the beluga whales at the Valencia Oceanographic park live. To be honest I didn´t know what to expect…



We received an emergency call for help. A tiny kitty has been found crawling in a narrow street, looking for a shade trying to hide from the scorching sun. The lady approached him and inmediately noticed the terrible injuries on his back legs. 



Luna was abandoned in the mountains.. she had two broken legs, she was blind and pregnant with 8 little puppies! Watching her trying to walk with those fractures broke our hearts. We promised her we would save her and take care of her, and we did. We have never met a more beautiful and grateful animal.



We have received an urgent request for help. Sweetie, a Tiny Chihuahua mix has been found at a trailer park outside Seattle. The girl that found him was in shock, apart from our rescue videos she had never seen a dog in such a terrible condition. Most of his hair is missing, his mouth is in a terrible condition, most of his teeth are dangling and about to fall and he has terrible signs of abuse and neglect.



Nancy was rescued four years ago in dramatic conditions. She was found on an abandoned building site, crawling over broken glass and bricks with a broken back. It took us months of hard work and rehabilitation to get her healthy again, but we did it! This is her full story…