Watch this little kitty fall in love with a pink unicorn!

We were asked to help a kitten found alone and starving. Not only was she skin and bone, but also extremely tiny! Candy has thrived with us and is looking for a wonderful home. Please share this video… help me find an amazing family for Candy! Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


Meet Mr Big! This tiny kitty will make you fall in love!

Born on the streets, this kitten was finding it hard to survive, the only one in a group of hungry adults. Now safe and with us, Mr Big has turned into the sweetest kitten ever… and he needs the very best home. Help me find a family that will love him for ever! Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


Bonita was left to die with two broken legs. HELP HER RUN AGAIN!

After 10 days left in agony with two broken legs and no pain relief, Bonita’s first surgery brought the first smile to her face. Now we need to keep our promise and operate the second leg, so that Bonita can live a happy life. Please donate, help Bonita run again!


Young puppy rescued by two soldiers… help us bring him home!

Two Spanish soldiers deployed in Lebanon have hand reared a puppy found outside their base. They called him Jon. Now they are returning to Spain and need help to get him home to live with them. This is a logistical and bureaucratic nightmare but, with your help, we can do this! Please donate, help us get Jon home!


Dog with two broken legs feels loved after 10 days of constant pain

After 10 days of unremitting pain, and an 8-hour drive across the country, Bonita at last arrived at our hospital, where she was sedated to perform blood tests and take X-rays of her front legs. Pending the results of a blood culture, she remains hospitalised. Constant pain has given way to constant care and love… please donate, help us save Bonita!


Dog with two broken front legs, this is what cruelty looks like!

Bonita was living on a flat roof… spooked by a storm she jumped off, breaking both her front legs. Bandages and no pain relief for 10 days, until she was taken to be euthanized. This is how some dogs are treated here… absolute cruelty! Help us give Bonita the life she deserves. Please donate, help us save her!


SOS! They broke her two front legs and left her suffering for 10 days!

Bonita broke her 2 front legs 10 days ago! Since then she has received no more than 2 bandages, which were never changed. No pain relief. Just constant suffering. We rescued her in the nick of time just when she was taken to be euthanized! After driving across the country, she is now in our hospital, battling a bacterial infection before we can operate. Bonita is the sweetest dog… please donate, help us save her!


The day I saved a dog and I met my best friend…

A galga, a Spanish greyhound, with two broken left legs, road kill for three days until someone realised she was breathing… this rescue took place 7 years ago, and marked a turning point in this organisation. Watch today’s video to see why….


Bad news… Michael has left us…

Michael is still in a very grave condition, but we couldn’t wait any longer. He has been operated! All his teeth have been removed and a feeding tube has been inserted until his mouth has healed. Michael is an incredibly strong cat… please help him. Donate, help us save Michael.