This is beautiful… Noa has survived and is receiving visitors!

We love receiving visitors and always try to make time to accompany them to visit the really important things in our organisation, our animals. During a short vacation in Valencia, two German friends have been able to visit Noa, still under the loving care of Maribel at the Great House. Don’t miss this video… and remember, you are welcome, any time.
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Finally, amazing news! Noa is leaving the hospital!

Noa is absolutely amazing! After three emergency surgeries for life-threatening problems, two of them on consecutive days, she has now left the hospital for the Great House again. She will need close monitoring, regular vet visits and plenty of special care but she will get all that and more. However, her recovery process will be a long one, and she still needs us, as we still need you!
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Don’t miss this video! I have WONDERFUL news!

There is good news today about two of our dogs, Rocky and Noa. Rocky had his surgery, and you won’t believe the size of the stone we removed from his bladder! And Noa, after three emergency surgeries in just over a week, has definitely turned a corner. Her anaemia is improving and her demeanour has changed. What a fighter!

She still has a long way to go, and for that we continue to need your help.

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Noa is a little better… she wants to live!

On a busy morning, I went to meet some visitors at the Great House and then on to the hospital to see Noa. This dog has the strongest will to live! She has a good appetite and loves her walks and the treatment is working! We are cautiously optimistic, but if any dog deserves our support it is Noa…
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Noa is in critical condition, but she is still fighting!

Unbelievably, Noa was operated again at the weekend. She was starting to present intussusception and bloat again… We performed a gastropexy this time, tacking the stomach to the abdominal wall, to prevent this situation from re-occurring. She is an amazing dog to go through all these procedures so well. If ever a dog showed a will to live, that is Noa! And we are fighting with her!
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We are rushing to the hospital again… Noa is not doing well!

We started to drive to the hospital to see Noa when we got a call… she was being prepared for emergency surgery again! Noa presented intestinal intussusception, a very serious, life-threatening condition in which the intestine telescopes into itself. It is life or death again for Noa! She is such a fighter, we can’t give up!
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I can’t believe it! Noa is back at the hospital!

Noa had been fine since she was at the Great House, eating well, taking things slowly… until this morning! Noa was lethargic and had a very high temperature so we rushed her back to the hospital. We knew her recovery would be slow, but she really doesn’t deserve all these setbacks! Noa has peritonitis!! She is in the best of hands, but she still needs us, and we still need you.
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Great news! Our beautiful Noa has left the hospital!

At last! Noa is by no means recovered and she has a long road ahead of her, but she has finally been discharged from the hospital! She will continue her treatment at the Great House and return for regular check-ups. She has no idea what awaits her… other dogs, people who love and will care for her and a place to run and be happy! Come on, you can do this, Noa!
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Heart-breaking! Suffering and neglected dog continues to fight for her life!

Today we are giving an update on Noa, a rescue that has touched the hearts of many, summarising her evolution so far. Although her blood tests are still dramatically poor, and will take some time to improve, Noa is beginning to react to the care she is receiving. She is no longer the shut-down dog that we rescued, but is showing a will to live. Noa still needs our help, and we need yours…
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Unforgettable! After 2 weeks, Noa continues to fight for her life!

After a few days, Alex has gone to visit Noa and Molly. Molly is doing well. She is an amazing dog and so thankful; everyone at the clinic has fallen for her. We are hoping that she will soon be able to have her second surgery… As for Noa, she is much livelier and happier, but her blood tests are still a matter of serious concern. On the outside she seems to be improving, but it is taking her much longer than expected to show better blood test results. We might need to give her another transfusion! We’ll wait a few more days with fingers crossed!
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