Giant puppy with sad eyes is waiting for someone to love him!

Nano is a huge puppy that is growing too quickly. We performed X-rays, and his hips are not yet fully developed. That’s normal, as he is not even 4 months old yet. He needs to continue to grow with good food and exercise, and we will make sure that he does, until he leaves for his new home in a few weeks… Nano will have a wonderful life!
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Noa y Nano

Finally, meet Noa, the happiest dog in the world!

Today’s video shows you something you have waited so long to see… a happy Noa! Noa has become a dog again! Such an amazing dog! And then we give you a preview of a new rescue, Nano, a purebred and loveable Mastiff with some health problems, which we will explain in a second video. Welcome to Let’s Adopt, Nano, we won’t let you down!
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