Leon is fighting back!

Slowly but surely, Leon is coming back to life! It’s a slow process, but the blood transfusion has made all the difference. He has got his appetite back, which is no small feat, and is being showered with love and affection at the hospital. It hasn’t been looking good for him, but he seems to have turned a corner. If he had stayed at that pound one minute longer, I hate to think what would have happened. Come on, Leon, you can do this!


Leon is fighting for his life!

It’s clear to us that Leon has had a terrible life… and he nearly had a terrible death. We rescued him from that pound in the nick of time. He is now fighting for his life at the hospital, with around the clock care. I know you will agree that he at least deserves a happy, comfortable retirement… Nano has donated his blood to give Leon a transfusion. Now we wait for it to work its magic…


We’re in shock! It’s a different dog!

Today we go to visit Leon… who has undergone a drastic haircut! This poor little dog has so many ailments it’s unbelievable. His ears, his skin, his eyes… and now possibly his jaw. He will also be needing surgery just as soon as we can enhance his immune system, badly affected by leishmaniasis. He continues in the hospital, and we continue asking for your support.


Look at him… look what they’ve done to this poor dog!

We have called him Leon, because he is so tiny, sick and defenceless that he will need the strength of a lion to survive. Leon is fighting for his life as I write this, and we are fighting by his side. I know that Leon will have the support of this amazing community too! Last week I asked for help for the organisation and today I need it for a tiny little dog that does not yet know that he has an army to support him!