She went to sleep peacefully…

Today we show you Gloria’s 4-hour surgery, installing a made-to-measure femoral trochlea prosthesis especially made for her in Switzerland. Now we wait for her physiotherapy to work its magic, so that she can walk again, pain-free, and we are confident that we will see her run and play!


This video will change this dog’s life! What would you do?

The time has come to operate on Gloria’s leg. It would certainly have been easier to amputate, but we don’t do easy… we will do whatever is necessary to save her leg! Tomorrow our surgeons will be installing a custom-made prosthesis to support her knee and hopefully get her to use that leg again after intensive physiotherapy. Gloria is the sweetest dog and she has been waiting so long for help…let’s do this! Please help us save Gloria’s leg today!


She is suffering…

Gloria is just one of the countless hunting dogs that have been and are constantly mistreated in Spain. We have rescued dozens of such dogs, all of them with terrible injuries. Her leg has been causing her extreme pain for goodness knows how long, yet she still trusts us to help her. And help her we will. This organisation does not take short cuts. With your support, which we need more than ever, we will do everything in our power to save her leg!