Waiting for a miracle…

Our rescue is struggling… we continue to rescue, to treat, to rehabilitate and to care for numerous animals, all of them extreme cases of neglect or abuse. Today we bring you an update on Coffee. Could we have amputated his leg for less than a quarter of what his surgery and treatment has cost us? Of course we could. Would we ever amputate a limb that could be saved? Of course not. This is the essence of our rescue organisation, and I hope it’s what makes us important for our followers… I’m sure it is. But we still need help in these difficult times.


Old and tired dog abandoned and run over by a car gets a second chance!

Coffee and Lola are out of the hospital! Lola is being cared for by our team at the Great House, where she will be closely monitored and, of course, spoilt. Coffee, on the other hand, has been welcomed to the Pink House, where he is enjoying walking on grass and strengthening his operated leg. We will be updating on their progress again really soon…


Shocking! Beautiful kitty recovers from brutal injuries to his back!

In today’s video we give you and update on Marco and Coffee, two of the animals we currently have under our care.
Marco is recovering from the terrible injuries he suffered to his back. We have managed to keep infection at bay, it is looking better.
Coffee is also recovering from his second surgery this week. He doesn’t step fully on his broken leg yet but, it is normal at this stage..
We know he’s going to get better! Thank you all for being here!


Something is wrong… Coffee cannot step on his leg!

Coffee has gone into surgery again… he wasn’t using the operated leg and the surgeon believed it was because of the position of a tiny screw on one of his metal plates. So… a slight adjustment and now it’s wait and see. Come on, Coffee, you can do this! Ah… and please share his video. Let’s find Coffee a home!


Amazing! After months of pain, dog gets the surgery he needs!

Coffee’s surgery lasted 4 hours! We first removed all the fibrotic tissue that had formed since his leg was broken, then took a bone graft from his pelvis and inserted it into his broken bone, and then inserted the metal plates that will help the bone regenerate and form the necessary callus. Now we wait and see, but things are looking good for Coffee!


This is important! Everything is ready!

Coffee is ready for surgery. Tomorrow afternoon we will go into surgery and fix that broken leg. But for that we need your help. Coffee has nobody else but you. He’s a beautiful dog and he deserves a chance.
Please donate, help us save Coffee!

Noa y Coffee

Noa gets laser treatment…

Both Noa and our new rescue, Coffee, are having cold laser treatment, Noa for her swollen legs after stepping on what seems to be a thorn, and Coffee to try to recover his leg muscles before surgery on his fracture. He cannot go into surgery until that leg is mobile again. They both take the treatment in their stride… a pair of amazing dogs going through this together!
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Please don’t look away… Coffee needs your help!

We are already treating Coffee’s leishmaniasis to improve his anaemia. Tomorrow he starts physiotherapy to recover the use of the muscles in his leg. And this will be followed in a couple of weeks by a complex surgery. Coffee deserves to have a good life, and I promise you that he will. But, as always, we can’t do it without you.
Please donate, help us save Coffee!


Meet Coffee… they broke his leg and left him in the pound! Look at his eyes!

Coffee is a good dog. Indeed, Coffee is a great dog! Even so, he found himself in the pound, on the kill list, with a broken leg that had been hurting him for days. What did he do wrong? Nothing, nothing at all. We rescued him from the pound in the nick of time and now we will heal him, whatever it takes, because we know that you will help him too. Coffee needs you today!
Please donate, help us save Coffee!