Every animal rescue should do this one thing!

Alex has been sterilized. It’s a simple procedure that all rescue animals should undergo. It’s a question of responsibility, not only with the health of the animals that we rescue, but also with the future of the species. So many animals abandoned or in bad situations… the least we can do is make sure that there are no more unwanted puppies from those that we care for. Please consider sterilising your animals too.
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Alex, the Pit Bull that didn’t want to fight…

Alex has reminded us all of our dearest rescue, Betsy, also saved from a dog fighting ring. Betsy now lives happily with her family. And Alex deserves the same! Still in hospital, being treated to prevent the infection of his injuries, he is the gentlest dog you could imagine. Please help Alex, as many helped Betsy 6 years ago. His fighting days are over!
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Dog refuses to fight after savage attack to the face!

Dog fighting is the worst! Alex came off lightly; he escaped with his life. We will cure his physical wounds and then the hard work will come… for the time being he is hospitalised until his infection clears and he is ready to start his life again, a life where dogs are friends and people are trustworthy. Alex needs your support today!
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