Please forgive me, I didn’t do it on purpose!

A few days ago I launched an appeal for emergency surgery for Rocky, and very few people helped. Is it because he is a biter? He is more than justified. He has been abused severely all his life and was even found in the garbage, desperately ill. He is a wonderful dog and really deserves your help after so much abuse. Please donate, help us save Rocky!


Angel has no nose! We saved him from abuse…

We saved Angel’s life five years ago, and he has been in foster ever since. Now he can’t breathe properly and needs our urgent help. Please watch his video to the end. Donate, help us save Angel!


I am being expelled from the country…

We saw a plea for help… and had to respond. Aron is Cristian’s closest family… we must fight to keep them together. Please don’t miss today’s video…



Alice’s legs were caught in an illegal trap, amputating one of her paws. After ground-breaking surgery , Alice was able to walk again and live life to the full. The ongoing pandemic is making rescue nearly impossible. We need your support today.


Claus has left us…

Claus was rescued just before Christmas, when he was dumped in a kill-station pound. He had a fast-growing inoperable tumour, but he had the best month of his life before leaving us today…