The day I saved a dog and I met my best friend…

A galga, a Spanish greyhound, with two broken left legs, road kill for three days until someone realised she was breathing… this rescue took place 7 years ago, and marked a turning point in this organisation. Watch today’s video to see why….


Bad news… Michael has left us…

Michael is still in a very grave condition, but we couldn’t wait any longer. He has been operated! All his teeth have been removed and a feeding tube has been inserted until his mouth has healed. Michael is an incredibly strong cat… please help him. Donate, help us save Michael.


Our kitty is critical, we’re trying to stabilise him…

Michael is still in critical condition, with a very slight improvement. Hopefully he will be well enough for the blood transfusion he so badly needs later today. Cats deserve our help as much as dogs do… please help us save Michael!


Kitty found suffering under the scorching sun… help us save him!

Michael was found in the streets of a local village… in unbearable heat and in an awful state. He wouldn’t have survived another 24 hours. We rushed him to our hospital, where he is receiving care. His condition is critical. We will do everything that we can… he needs you. Please donate, help us save him!


Bruno is free! We are taking him to the vet…

No further explanations needed… Bruno is free! He jumped into my car as if his life depended on it, and he was probably right… now we are on our way to the vet! He has been chained up for his entire life… we need to check his health condition. Bruno is no longer living in hell… please donate, help us save Bruno!


Life is not fair. Toby is in serious trouble…

Toby is such a wonderful dog after all life has put him through already… it breaks my heart to see that his kidneys are shutting down. I cannot let this happen, it’s too soon… he deserves the best of lives. Please donate, help me to save Toby!


It’s about Toby. No, I don’t want him to end like this…

Toby was rescued 18 months ago in a terrible condition. He has been with us for a year in the Pink House, a wonderful, friendly, amazing dog, ready for adoption. Now he is in kidney failure… Toby must recover from this. We need your help! Please, donate, help us save Toby!


This dog’s skin was burning like fire!

Due to the neglect he has suffered, Coco has both leishmaniasis and scabies, and this is torturing his skin. His discomfort is unimaginable. Part of his treatment, as well as supporting his immune system, is daily baths with special shampoos. Come with me today and let’s make Coco more comfortable… Please donate, help us save Coco!


New rescue! Sick dog forced by his owner to survive on the streets!

Not only did Coco have an owner who shut him out of the house, but he also refused to treat him when he fell sick from neglect. His eyes tell the story of his struggle to survive. We have to cure both his body and his soul to turn his life around! Please donate, help us save Coco!


Goodbye, Star!

Nearly a year after his rescue, Star the brave, the kitten whose rear paws were cut off, is finally going to a fairy tale home. This kitten touched the hearts of many then. Let’s get him home now! Please donate, help us take Star home!