Something terrible has happened…

Something terrible happened last night…Mr. White, one of our long term resident kitties, accidentally scratched tore his eye wide open with his own nail! We were shocked, he was in terrible pain, cowering, blind, eye fluid quickly draining, blood everywhere. Our vet said, he would likely lose the eye but he referred us to a specialist eye surgeon for a more in-depth look.


I have bad news… we knew this was coming!

Claus was bleeding in his nose… we took him for a check-up. Nothing can be done… the tumour continues to grow. We knew this would happen… but Claus has stolen all our hearts. He will be happy for as long as he has left… that is my solemn promise.


I have bad news

On Christmas Eve we performed a CT scan on Claus. He had barely recovered but it couldn’t wait any longer. He came through the scan, and we were waiting for the results. Please watch this video to the end…


At this difficult time, we have each other!

In our last video before Christmas, we are sending a message of hope. Not all is lost. Things are going to get better. We have each other. Today is also a good time to remember those that we lost. It is in their honour that we ask you to donate. Please help us continue saving lives!


Free at last!

Duna is well enough to go to a foster home. She has been crated at the hospital for nearly a year. If you want to see how Duna reacts to her freedom, don’t miss this video..