Hannibal is clinging to life!

After being neglected for so long, Hannibal is now in intensive care at our hospital. We needed to find out whether his internal organs had been damaged by the severe anaemia he had when he was rescued literally from death’s door. An ultrasound under sedation has shown that his kidneys and liver seem to be unharmed, although he might need a second blood transfusion in the next few days. Hannibal is a sweet little dog that has gone through hell and now will get everything that he needs to become healthy and happy. We will make sure of that!


She went to sleep peacefully…

Today we show you Gloria’s 4-hour surgery, installing a made-to-measure femoral trochlea prosthesis especially made for her in Switzerland. Now we wait for her physiotherapy to work its magic, so that she can walk again, pain-free, and we are confident that we will see her run and play!


This video will change this dog’s life! What would you do?

The time has come to operate on Gloria’s leg. It would certainly have been easier to amputate, but we don’t do easy… we will do whatever is necessary to save her leg! Tomorrow our surgeons will be installing a custom-made prosthesis to support her knee and hopefully get her to use that leg again after intensive physiotherapy. Gloria is the sweetest dog and she has been waiting so long for help…let’s do this! Please help us save Gloria’s leg today!


I have news about Noa!

As you know, Noa had the misfortune of her foster dad’s untimely passing. One of Greig’s friends, a veterinarian herself, decided to take Noa into her home, to join her pack of black German shepherds. Don’t miss this video of our visit… Noa is looking absolutely amazing! What a transformation from the seriously sick dog we rescued from the pound. Keep going, Noa, onwards and upwards… never give up!


Amazing transformation of a Yorkie neglected all his life!

Once he was stable enough, it was time to get rid of Hannibal’s unbelievably matted coat and give him a bath. The groomer could hardly believe what he was seeing… a coat matted with tick nests… and huge swollen ticks living on poor Hannibal’s blood. Now he is more comfortable, his treatment continues… and he continues to need your help!


This dog was neglected all his life… until today!

It’s so difficult to describe Hannibal’s state of neglect… you have to see it for yourself. A young dog, he must have been living in hell. His anaemia is so severe that he was practically dead when he was rescued. I doubt he would have made it through the night. An emergency blood transfusion has enabled us to bring him to our hospital. I promise that he will have everything he needs… but I need your help, Hannibal needs your help!


Shocking! He was abandoned and left to die under the scorching sun!

Sometimes, life offers second chances. Leon didn’t make it and we were all devastated by his loss, when we really thought he had turned a corner. Yesterday, we got exactly that, a second chance, a second chance to save a dog that has been neglected beyond words. Hannibal was taken to a pound in southern Spain and we rushed to get him out. In Leon’s honour, we have to save this dog. Words fall short when we try to describe his condition… please keep him in your thoughts. He is going to need all the help he can get!

Obi Wan y Leia

The story of these two kitties will make you cry!

Obi Wan and Leia were born in the street… they were the only survivors of the mother cat’s last litter… she has now been sterilised and we are looking for a home for these two wonderful kittens! They have spent every day together since they were born, so we would like them to be adopted together too! Please share this video or, even better, write to me to adopt them!


This dog lost his nose… now he struggles to breathe!

Angel was rescued a few years ago, and was adopted by a loving family. His care is complex, due to his multiple health issues, severe leishmaniasis plus pulmonary fibrosis. This organisation stands by its rescues throughout their lives and Angel is still part of the Let’s Adopt family, so we are there when help is needed, and I know we can count on you too.