This is serious… we need to do this now!

Our move from the White House has to happen at the end of this month! We need your urgent help to get everything ready for the animals! Please donate, help us move to the Great House!


Goodbye, Sarah…

Today I am appealing for your help… we need to get Sarah to her forever home…Please donate, help Sarah travel home!


Emergency! Little Linda was terribly neglected…

Linda the Chihuahua has not seen a vet in 15 years! Her blood tests are terrible. She is anemic and severely underweight and has leishmaniasis. She is 18 years old and cannot wait! Please donate now, help us save Linda!


Dog loses her only family after 18 years…

Linda’s owner and only companion has passed away, leaving Linda alone in her twilight years. She was at risk so we stepped up and drove to get her. Welcome to the White House, Linda!


Help me save tiny Bella… someone broke her leg!

We received a call for help. A tiny dog has been found, with a very badly broken leg. She is in constant pain. Bella is the sweetest dog, and needs complex surgery. Please donate, help us save Bella!


Please forgive me, I didn’t do it on purpose!

A few days ago I launched an appeal for emergency surgery for Rocky, and very few people helped. Is it because he is a biter? He is more than justified. He has been abused severely all his life and was even found in the garbage, desperately ill. He is a wonderful dog and really deserves your help after so much abuse. Please donate, help us save Rocky!