Girl finds the perfect job taking care of injured animals!

Today’s video is about our shelter manager, Maribel. Our Maribel. Your Maribel. You’ve seen her shower our animals with love day after day, making sure that they live as well as if they had been adopted. You have seen her rehabilitate terrified dogs, animals in pain. Maribel is sometimes camera shy, but today we are going to show you the other side of Maribel in some bloopers that didn’t make it to the channel. Maribel and the rest of our shelter teams: we couldn’t do it without you!
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Amazing dog with face mask needs someone to love him…

Dorian was rescued 7 years ago and has been with us ever since. It took him months to heal and he will always carry his scars on his face. A typical Chow Chow, Dorian is respectful to people, gets along wonderfully with other dogs and is looking for a loving home. Don’t you think it’s time? His friend Coco, on the other hand, is a typical friendly, playful and very lively podenco. He really deserves a home too! We need your help. Please share this video among your friends!


Let’s talk, you and I, about the things that really matter…

It is now 2 years since the world changed completely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And now the world is changing again. The new normal is not normal at all. While all this has happened and is continuing to happen today, we continue to fight for something that we think matters. Animals are important. Animals matter. This animal rescue group has to continue to do what it believes is the right thing. Today I ask you to think of what matters to you. If saving animals that are badly treated matters to you, please donate today. They need you in these hard times.
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Tone has left us

Tone was rescued 8 years ago… such a special little dog. Paralysed and with a chronic skin condition, he was so full of life you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong. Even so, Tone was lucky enough to find a wonderful family that welcomed him to their home and loved him to bits. They gave him unconditional love, and he loved them right back. We and they are heartbroken today, after Tone had what seemed to be a stroke and went into cardiac arrest. He was just a small dog with tons of character, and we will miss him dearly. Rest in peace, Tone.
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Our last video… let’s talk about families!

The last video of the year is dedicated to our adoptive families! I explain what we look for when seeking homes for our animals. We don’t look for wealth or riches, but the very best match in each individual case. We don’t care where they live, as long as they are the right people. Watch until the end if you would like to know how we choose our adopters!
We wish all of us the very best in 2022!
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I told you he would be back!

Sergio left us a couple of months ago, but I knew he wouldn’t disappear! He‘s already rescuing and feeding street animals! He’s part of our family… let’s give his YouTube channel a boost! Please go and check it out and subscribe!


Our little Chihuahua gets a surprise visit from Germany!

We have a wonderful community of supporters and we enjoy it when they are able to visit our animals and see our work in person. This weekend we welcomed a dear friend from Germany, who was very impressed by the Great House. It was a pleasure to see you, Margit and Peter! We can only do what we do with your support. Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


Our old lady, Lilly, is not feeling well…

Rescuing older dogs requires commitment… extra care and extra love (if that is possible) to make up for a lifetime of abuse. Lilly does not have the best of vision, but she has been having more problems with her eyes lately… today Lilly goes to the vet to see what is going on. Please donate, help us continue to care for Lilly!


Abandoned dog meets the sweetest children

Today we welcomed visitors to the Great House… Vera and her sister fell in love with all the dogs, and Bruno made the most of their willingness to give belly rubs. If you would like to visit, just write to me… join me today to meet our visitors and all the Great House dogs!