I have great news about Nancy!

After CT and MRI scans, our neurologist has confirmed that Nancy is probably suffering from localized epilepsy, which so far is being successfully controlled with medication. As you can see from today’s video, Nancy continues to surprise us all with her zest for life (and lemons)!


It’s about Nancy… something terrible is happening!

A routine visit to the Great House, and what do I see? Nancy appears to be having a seizure. This has never happened before. We have rushed her to the hospital for an emergency neurological consult… Nancy has overcome so much, she doesn’t deserve another problem. Nancy needs help again…


Watch how this cat returns to life!

With us since he was rescued some years ago, Mr White had your support when he scratched his eye very seriously about a year ago. With your help, he was operated and has been going strong ever since. Today we bring you an update on Mr White, taking him on a regular visit to the vets. Thank you all for being here!


Meet Shark, the kitty with more than nine lives…

I bring you a few updates today. First of all, at last someone has seen in Nelson the wonderful dog that we see every single day. He will be travelling to his new family in Germany in a couple of months’ time. Secondly, the trials and tribulations of caring for a diabetic kitty… Shark has to be closely monitored at all times, and sometimes we have to get inventive! And, last but not least, we are rushing to help another kitty in dire need… more news on that when we know what we are dealing with. But we know he will have your support!

Perros en piscina

We throw dogs in the pool to see if they float…

Summer is beginning! At last our paralysed dogs can enjoy the freedom they feel in the pool, where some of them are faster than our other dogs! That weightless feeling, disabilities forgotten, is priceless for them, and they so deserve it! This is not a luxury for us… it’s a necessity for them!


Spoony was so weak he couldn’t stand… saved again by an amazing vet!

Spoony has been very ill, so ill we were willing the phone not to ring while he was hospitalised. A burst abscess on the liver led to peritonitis and septic shock. Quick thinking by our team and a rapid response at the hospital saved his life! Now back at the Pink House, he is being closely supervised and gradually getting back to normal. Come on, Spoony, you can do this!
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Ginebra y Molly

Dogs in the hospital receive two special visitors…

It’s a bank holiday, and I spend the day with my children. Even so, we need to go check up on Coffee and Noa… no problem, they love to come with me. And while we are there, a lovely surprise. They meet Molly! And she absolutely loves them! Like all parents nowadays, I see their future with hope, and quite a dose of unease too given the current situation, but let’s concentrate on hope today!
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Goodbye, Toby…

Toby was rescued nearly 3 years ago, just skin and bone. Even then, on death’s door, he was an amazing dog, grateful for our help and amazingly affectionate. His kidneys were already affected by leishmaniasis and he has had constant setbacks since then. We knew his condition would eventually take him but hoped he could spend more time with us. Toby was family. Rest in peace, Toby. You were truly loved!
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Noa is so happy! She had a very special visitor!

Peachy, Cleo, Star y Goldie… these are just four of our cats, all of them with special needs, that went to live happy lives with our friend the Baroness and her husband. Now this wonderful couple have come to visit our animals at our shelters. They are close followers of our videos and know all their names without question. I think today’s video speaks for itself…
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Some of the things I had to do to save animals…

Years of running from one place to another, lack of sleep, early mornings, airports, living on snacks, filming on my cell phone, editing at night… and saving lives! Fortunately, my support team is now larger, but we cannot and will not stop doing what we do best… this is animal rescue at its finest.
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