Abandoned dog meets the sweetest children

Today we welcomed visitors to the Great House… Vera and her sister fell in love with all the dogs, and Bruno made the most of their willingness to give belly rubs. If you would like to visit, just write to me… join me today to meet our visitors and all the Great House dogs!


We move to a new place and our dogs are loving it!

The move from the White House has been stressful to say the least! And loads of hard work! But… the move is complete, although work continues, and the dogs are absolutely loving it! Come with me today to see how they are doing…


The final video from our shelter…

We are leaving the White House… a bitter-sweet experience. It was our first shelter, where we aimed to build a paradise for our animals, something that we achieved. Now we move to a better location, larger, more diverse, with lots of challenges facing us. Please donate, help us move to the Great House!


Meet my amazing animal rescue team!

Today I thought it was time you met all the members of the Let’s Adopt team, some who you see on our videos and some who you don’t. All together, they form the heart and soul of this animal rescue. Here they are! Please donate, help us continue saving lives!


So exciting, we have a great announcement today!

Today we are launching our secondary channel, Let’s Adopt Behind the Scenes. In it, you will be able to see the million things we don’t get to show you at our main channel and that together, make up for the life of this rescue.


We are building a paradise for our animals…

The White House will soon be in the past, and we are looking to the future, building a better home for our rescues, now and those to come. The location is perfect… please help us build a paradise for our animals…