Thor is home!

Thor is home! The first time Thor went home, the adopter had concerns about her older dog becoming depressed… she…

This dog’s family wanted him destroyed… look at him now!

Thor lived all his life isolated in a garden. He was never inside his family’s home. And then they took him, a perfectly healthy dog, to be euthanized. The vet asked for help and we couldn’t say no. Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking Thor to his new family, a real family, people who will love and care for him for ever. Thor is happy at last!
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The happiest day in her life! Molly has found a loving family!

What a wonderful day! Molly has found what she never had… a wonderful home, where she will be loved and protected for the rest of her life! And what can I say about Noa? She has an amazing will to live and is already feeling much better! She has a long way to go, but this weekend we are much more confident that she will make it.
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Goodbye, little kitty!

Just a couple of months ago, we rescued Ginny and her sister from an abandoned lot in the worst area of Seville. They were both barely 5 weeks old and blind from infection. In both cases, their blindness was irreversible and their eyes were removed. Since then, they have both taught us a valuable lesson.


The moment an abused and neglected dog meets her new family!

Bonita was terrified when we rescued her. She had two broken legs and had been in excruciating pain for 10 days. Her surgeries were successful but it has taken a lot of TLC to convince her that we are not her enemies. Yesterday I drove 14 hours to take her to her new family. Was it worth it? Come with me and decide for yourself… I think you’ll approve! Please donate, help us to continue save lives!


Tiny kitty meets her new family. What a surprise!

Candy has travelled to her new home in Germany. Such a tiny kitty, with such a bad start in life, she has surprised her family with her love for life and play! They fell in love straight away!
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Wonderful news! Gigantic kitty finds a beautiful family!

Today we take Mr Big to his wonderful new home! It’s a 3-hour drive to a village near Madrid. Will you come with us? We need you with us more than ever now. Please come on board and consider becoming a monthly donor or patron.
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Years later, dog abandoned with a broken leg finds a loving home!

We rescued Scarlett, with a badly broken front leg, 8 years go. After several surgeries, she recovered enough to walk and we have spent since then looking for the perfect home for her. We are so happy, as although she is now an old dog, she has finally found a family that will love and cherish her for the rest of her life! Please donate, help us to continue save lives like Scarlett’s!