Saving Linda !

Hello everyone,

We rescued Linda from a situation that no animal should ever face. She was advertised on Facebook as a dog with terminal cancer, looking for a place to spend her final days. It seemed unthinkable that she could find a home under those circumstances—who would adopt a dog believed to be at the end of her life? So, I decided to step in and bring her home.

Upon rescuing Linda, we immediately took her to our trusted veterinarians, Isidor and the team, where we discovered that she does have cancer—mammary tumors and carcinoma. While serious, it’s not yet terminal, but without urgent surgical intervention, it could progress to a life-threatening stage. Linda’s story at the shelter was heartbreaking. She was once deeply loved by her owner, a man who passed away unexpectedly. His wife, unable to cope with the memories or perhaps out of disdain for the past, callously surrendered Linda to the shelter because she was a reminder of her husband.

Linda’s loyalty and affection remain as strong as ever. She has quickly bonded with me, following me everywhere, watching my every move—just as she did with her previous owner. This connection shows the depth of her loyalty and love.

This case is special. It not only highlights the emotional impact of human actions on animals but also the urgent need for medical intervention to give Linda a chance at a longer, happier life. We don’t often get the full backstory of the animals we rescue, but understanding Linda’s past has made it clear just how much she deserves a second chance.

We are reaching out to ask for your help. Linda is scheduled for surgery tomorrow, and we need your support to cover her medical expenses. Every donation will go directly to her care and recovery.

Please consider donating to help save Linda. Every bit helps, and your support means the world to us and to Linda.

With gratitude,

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2 thoughts on “Saving Linda !”

  1. Like so many rescued dogs of wonderful Viktor and team I loved, Linda is too soo adorable and cute…her eyes are telling a deep inside….and the way she is following Viktor is do sweet.
    I hope you all can help Linda too .
    It is soo sad and terrible that she had to bee put aside- why???
    It is impossible to understand!
    I am wishing you all a wonderful
    spring time, and the guardian angels will help you to help and save Linda .
    Love and Thank you all.

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