Terrified Dog Climbs Out Of Hell !

Two days ago, we shared a video of Elsa, a dog who has faced unimaginable abuse, including being shot twice in the shoulder. Her recovery journey began when we brought her from the hospital to our shelter, The Great House. I mentioned that our approach might stir some controversy because we chose not to solely rely on traditional positive reinforcement—often interpreted as leaving a dog alone with only occasional treats to coax them out of their shell over weeks or months. Instead, we opted for a gentle nudge.

We called in Moises Albarracin, a renowned dog expert, to assist us. Many of you know Moises and trust his methods, although, admittedly, some did not agree with our approach. Today, I want to show you the progress made just two days later. Elsa’s transformation might surprise you.

We’re excited to share her progress with you, but we need your help to continue. 

Your donations make it possible for us to give Elsa and many others like her the care they need to heal and find joy again. 

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4 thoughts on “Terrified Dog Climbs Out Of Hell !”

  1. Annie Gehring

    Dear Victor and colleagues …
    I cannot believe the emails you received condemning your actions, to lecture you and yours in such a way.
    Do they not watch, listen to the videos, what more proof do they need.
    Several years ago, I rescued a dog who was on route to Northern Korea to be torched alive
    for Dog Meat.
    Nicu was terrified of people, sounds, his surroundings. I took your approach toward his recovery, with the help of my other two rescue dogs his life turned around.
    Please, please carry on with the work you do.
    You return their trust, their health, their passion for life.
    God Bless you all for the work you do.
    Annie, London UK.

  2. OMG. What a difference in just 2 short days. It’s the people who criticize that have no clue. Yes it was hard to watch a beautiful dog who had completely shut down. However I knew if anyone could help Elsa it would be you and your organization. Perhaps you could select one of the other dogs you have has a gentle nature and keep them together a few hours a day. Elsa may overcome her fears quicker with another dog. Whatever you are doing she has already come a long way. Thank you

  3. Brigitte Cromme

    Let those Thinkknowitall Idiots talk. You know what you are doing.. You people are helping those poor dogs and that is the most important.

  4. Susan Vetovitz

    I wonder how many animals have been rescued by the people that left those comments? It isn’t easy. Elsa was traumatized when she was found. No rescuer beat her into submission or harmed her in anyway. She was allowed to ‘come out of her shell’ on her own. With, as I saw , love and attention. I think “Lets Adopt International” is a great charity. It pains me to see how animals are actually found because of someone mistreating them. Do the commenters actually know what effort goes into finding and helping an animal in need. I bet they actually don’t. I wonder what they would have done if they found Elsa? Leave her alone to fen for herself, take her to a vet to get medical attention or call the animal warden and have her put down. People just like to criticize others instead of doing anything to help. Shame on them. They should be commenting on the people that left the animals in that condition and NOT the rescuers.

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