I Have Never Seen A Dog So Afraid !

Hi everyone,

Today’s video might draw some criticism. Some may argue that we don’t know what we’re doing, advocating only positive reinforcement. But helping a dog like Elsa, who is in such a severe state of fear, requires more than just treats. Take a look at Elsa in the video.

I’m bracing for the comments from those who might say we’re being too forceful, not offering enough positive reinforcement. But remember the transformation we saw with Mocha last year? She was also extremely fearful, and we managed to help her become a happy, fearless dog. With Moises and our team, I’m confident we’ll see a similar transformation with Elsa.

Please consider making a donation to help save Elsa. Every contribution helps us provide her with the medical care she needs and supports our ongoing efforts to help her trust and love again.

Together, we can make a difference in Elsa’s life. Thank you for your support and compassion.



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