Why are you so afraid, Elsa? 

Elsa has spent another quiet weekend at the hospital. While she remains in a serious state, we are beginning to see small but hopeful improvements in her test results.

This weekend, our medical team carried out minor procedures to address a nasal discharge and to treat injuries on her ears, all steps forward in her recovery process. However, the most profound aspect of Elsa’s recovery is not just physical. Elsa’s fear, her avoidance of eye contact, and her distant demeanor speak volumes of her past hardships. She has survived months, possibly years, in the wild, evading human contact and protecting herself from harm. Such behaviors were her survival mechanisms—avoiding stones thrown at her, evading gunshots. These experiences have instilled a deep-seated fear of people, which we are now working hard to overcome.

Understanding Elsa’s behavior is crucial. It reflects not defiance but a deeply ingrained fear for survival. We are committed to helping Elsa not only heal physically but also trust again. Breaking through her protective shield will take time and patience, but we believe in her potential to become an incredible companion.

Elsa needs your help now more than ever. By donating today, you are providing the essential care and rehabilitation that Elsa requires to recover and hopefully, one day, find a loving home where she can thrive. Your support can change her fate and show Elsa that there are caring humans in this world.

Please consider making a donation to help save Elsa. Every contribution helps us provide her with the medical care she needs and supports our ongoing efforts to help her trust and love again.

Together, we can make a difference in Elsa’s life. Thank you for your support and compassion.



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3 thoughts on “Why are you so afraid, Elsa? ”

  1. Rozalia-Maria

    I think you really know what you are doing and with such strong resistance on the part of the dog some force shows her your strength, shows her that you are greater than her fears and therefore basically safe

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