Dog Wounded By Hunters Faces Rejection And Misunderstanding

We recently shared one of our most impactful videos of the year, capturing the heartbreaking yet uplifting rescue of Elsa, a dog found emaciated and shot, abandoned in a desolate place. The footage of her rescue not only reveals the severity of her condition but also highlights her profound fear and the urgent need for our help.

Despite her fear, Elsa’s situation touched many hearts. She was shot and left to suffer alone, her fear of humans escalating after such brutal treatment. In her critical state, we rushed her to the hospital for immediate care. However, a necessary precaution at the hospital—placing a muzzle on Elsa—unexpectedly shifted public perception. This was not a sign of her aggression but a protective measure for both her and our staff during treatment, as her injuries required painful manipulations.

Unfortunately, this change led to a decrease in support for Elsa, as people mistakenly associated the muzzle with aggression. This misunderstanding underscores an unconscious bias where quick judgments can overshadow the real story of a dog in desperate need.

Elsa is in grave condition with two bullets lodged in her shoulder, likely from a hunter’s gun. She urgently needs continued medical tests and care, which are costly but essential for her recovery. The muzzle is merely a precaution to ensure safety as we provide her the treatment she desperately needs.

This brave, beautiful dog shows significant positive changes when shown affection—her demeanor softens, proving she is nothing but a loving soul in need of help. Currently terrified and in pain, Elsa desperately needs your compassion and support.

We urge you to see beyond the muzzle to the suffering dog beneath, who deserves a chance at a better life. Please consider donating to help us cover Elsa’s medical expenses so she can heal and hopefully find a loving home where she can learn to trust again.

Your support could be the difference between life and hardship for Elsa. Together, we can change Elsa’s fate and show her that there are caring humans in this world.

Please donate and help us save her. Thank you for your compassion.

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3 thoughts on “Dog Wounded By Hunters Faces Rejection And Misunderstanding”

  1. Judith Marcum

    Yes, I have always known when an animal is injured, their first instinct is to protect themselves. Humans need to understand that once an animal has been thru such trauma, a muzzle is necessary until the animal feels they can trust the humans helping them. Once they learn this, the muzzle is no longer necessary. This protects both animal and human until that time arrives. Elsa seems like a sweet dog, and I am hoping she can get better and possibly be on her way to a home where she will feel loved rather than dumped and shot at like trash. Open your hearts and mind, everyone! Let’s help Elsa!!

  2. Lise Béfort

    I’m a donator of Let’s adopt international. I pay each month 25.00 dollars a month. I am from Canada.

  3. Terri MacKay

    I’ve just donated towards Elsa’s care. I completely understand the reason for the muzzle, and have seen you use it on other dogs for the same reason. It certainly didn’t make me feel less sympathetic towards her. She needs and deserves your help just as much as any other animal you’ve rescued. ❤️

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