Dog Found Shot By Hunters And Left Starving In The Fields

Imagine finding a dog alone in the middle of nowhere, wounded and sick, with no access to food or water, just waiting to die.

Elsa, the victim in this incredible story, is now fighting for her life in a veterinary hospital’s intensive care unit. 

She is gravely ill with leishmaniasis, has numerous wounds and, even more appalling, has two shotgun pellets in her body, the result of the indiscriminate brutality of those who go through life shooting at animals.

Elsa is petrified, absolutely convinced that all humans are monsters. 

Only you can show her that she is mistaken. 

She needs your help not only to survive, but also to recover and find a home where she can enjoy the affection and safety that she has never known.

Please join us on this critical mission, and consider making a donation to save Elsa. 

Every donation counts and your contribution will be used to cover Elsa’s veterinary costs, making sure that she receives the best possible care and that second chance that she so badly needs.

Together, we can change Elsa’s fate and how her that there are compassionate humans out there.

Your support could make all the difference. 

DONATE, help us save Elsa!

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3 thoughts on “Dog Found Shot By Hunters And Left Starving In The Fields”

  1. Susan Reyes

    Thank you for helping these animals!
    It is wonderful to see their stories, and the beautiful life they have, after their suffering.

  2. I donate every month. My heart breaks for Elsa it’s like she has just given up. Who knows what trauma she has experienced
    My only comment it you is you have several dogs there who might be able to help Elsa with her fear. As you know they are pack animals and maybe she will accept other animals first over humans. She is going to need time for her to figure things out. Thank you so much for what you are doing.

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