Sherlock fought for years, to stay alive….

An image can convey much more than words ever could. That’s why we show you the real conditions of the animals we rescue, from the moment they arrive at the hospital. You might wonder why we share these harsh realities instead of simply presenting a cleaned-up version. Let me explain with Sherlock’s story.

The photos of Sherlock before his rescue capture the harsh effects of neglect and survival on the streets. These initial images are crucial—they show the reality behind the neglect and the urgent help he needs, not just the cleaned-up version that might make him seem okay.

Sherlock’s transformation after a bath and a shave might deceive you into thinking he’s recovered. He looks like a healthy, fluffy dog, but he’s far from it. His charming appearance post-grooming masks his true condition—Sherlock is seriously ill.

In the continuation of yesterday´s video you’ll see the reality of his situation. Despite his neat appearance, Sherlock has severe health issues, including a critically infected eye needing surgical removal and Ehrlichia, a dangerous parasitic disease. Without proper treatment, his chances of survival are slim.

This is why we need your help. Sherlock’s story is a stark reminder of the many animals suffering in silence, their conditions often unnoticed until it’s too late. By supporting our fund, you’re not just helping Sherlock get the medical care he desperately needs; you’re also supporting our mission to rescue and rehabilitate animals like him.

Donate today and join us in saving Sherlock. Your support can make all the difference !



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2 thoughts on “Sherlock fought for years, to stay alive….”

  1. Thank you for giving Sherlock the love and care he has never known before.,and for all the animals you have saved and given love to. I’ve already made ad donation for Sherlock and will try to make another one soon. Thank you again for all you do. xx

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