PRESS RELEASE: Total Acquittal in the Case Hunters vs. Let’s Adopt

Total Acquittal in the Case Against Viktor Larkhill, Jairo Jiménez, Linda Mery Edwards Buttery, and Let’s Adopt !
After an exhaustive judicial process that spanned four years, the Provincial Court of Valencia has issued a verdict of acquittal for Iván Jiménez, Jairo Jiménez, Linda Mery Edwards Buttery, and the association Let’s Adopt. This judgment, delivered on April 19, 2024, completely dismisses the accusations of fraud that were unfairly leveled against us, emphasizing important principles of criminal and procedural law.

The sentence highlighted the lack of standing of the Popular Accusation to exercise criminal action, since there was no individual or public accusation supporting the charges. This decision is a vital reminder that the judicial system must protect against unfounded processes that may lead to defenselessness.

The court was clear in its verdict: the absence of a harmed party and the lack of prosecution by the Public Prosecutor’s Office demonstrates that the case should not have proceeded to trial merely at the instance of the Popular Accusation. This ruling reinforces the right to a fair process without defenselessness, principles that are pillars of our judicial system.

The resolution also established a precedent in the interpretation of the involvement of the Popular Accusation in property-related crimes, where standing must be clearly justified.

Today, we celebrate not only our acquittal but also the affirmation that the judicial system operates with fairness and justice. This verdict not only clears our names but also allows us to continue our commitment to the community without the shadows of unfounded accusations.

We are deeply grateful for the unwavering support of our lawyers, Pedro Bermudez and Marina Cases from BZP Abogados, family, friends, and all those who have stood by us, trusting in our innocence and the proper functioning of justice.

For more details about the ruling or additional statements, please do not hesitate to contact us through the provided media.

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