Please Watch This Video and tell me what you think….

It´s about Bianca, it´s an emergency and

it´s important… 

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6 thoughts on “Please Watch This Video and tell me what you think….”

  1. Pam Huntley

    That looks terrible, do hope it can be put right, and quickly so she cn enjoy life to the full. I’ve donated, again so sorry it’s not much but pensions don’t stretch far with a large dog to care for! It was a really good video, I think people are ‘giving’ weary as we get so many charities asking for money all the time. But I happily give to you as and when I can.

    Do hope she gets better soon, she’s a beautiful girl. Thank you Viktor for all that you do.

  2. Shirley Jacobs

    I hope Bianca gets the surgery she needs. She is beautiful & I totally support the work you do for the animals. You are their guardian angels. Please continue saving lives.

  3. Jane Aldous

    Hi I donated last night for Bianca hope her op is successful, as I say hope the little girls op go to plan. Thanks Viktor for what you do xx

  4. Victor you are absolutely correct about saving Bianca. I am donating again.
    In the US vet’s would have amputated her leg already. Your Vet’s/ Doctors care and try to help the animals have their best lives. Not do something that is a quick fix.
    Hope surgery works.
    Catherine B

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