We need to talk, it’s about Rosita


Hi, I need your help. 

Two months ago, we rescued Rosita, a dog with severe fractures from being accidentally trampled by a horse in a stable. 

Despite the nature of her injuries, we managed to fund her first surgery thanks to your donations. 

However, as Rosita requires a second surgery to heal completely, we find ourselves short on funds. 

Our organization faces immense vet bills, and without enough donations, we risk going into debt. 

Rosita’s second surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, and we urgently need your support to cover the costs. 

Every little bit helps. 

Please consider donating to give Rosita a chance at a pain-free life. 

Thank you for your continued support.

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8 thoughts on “We need to talk, it’s about Rosita”

  1. Diane McEwen

    Hello Viktor, I’m sorry that Rosita has to go through so much and you are having a struggle to pay your way. I’m sure a lot of people may have missed a few days of viewing and will join in the fight to help you now they know. I missed a few for sure. It’s my birthday today so here’s my gift to Rosita and I have been meaning to donate monthly but dealing with health ‘stuff’… Take good care of yourself and my best wishes to all who work as they do. In the hospital, the house.. So good and all work really hard.
    From 🩷 Diane

  2. Karen Benton

    I’m so sorry, Rosita. I’m out of money but God loves you and with help you. He is helping you now, and loves you, so much beautiful girl. And I love you. And He will take care of you. Love Karen

  3. Let’s come together as the caring community that I know us to be and help Viktor and the team raise money for Rosita’s next surgery ❤️

    much love,
    Sherri Moss

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