Rosita is back at the Hospital !

Hi, welcome to a channel unlike any other in animal rescue. This isn’t just a place for feel-good stories you observe from a distance. Here, we bring you into the heart of our rescues as they unfold, making you an integral part of the process through your viewership, shares, and donations. You are the driving force behind our work.

Today, we share Rosita’s story.

A few months back, Rosita found herself seeking shelter in a horse barn, only to be tragically crushed by one of the horses. The injuries she sustained were severe, casting doubt on her ability to ever walk again. However, we didn’t lose hope. The first surgery on one of her legs was a success, bringing us one step closer to her recovery. Now, it’s time to address her second leg, which has been waiting for its turn to heal.

From the moment we rescued Rosita, we knew her journey to recovery would demand time, patience, and unwavering dedication. The accident left both her legs crushed, but we’ve made significant progress with the first. The time has come to complete her treatment.

Your support is crucial. Without it, Rosita’s chances of walking again would vanish. We need your help to finish what we’ve started. Please, consider donating to assist in Rosita’s recovery.

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6 thoughts on “Rosita is back at the Hospital !”

  1. Well done, Victor! Another victory for you, your team and Rosita. Looking forward to seeing her walk and run. God bless you for what you do.

    Jim Hossack

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