You won’t believe what happened last night…

Last night, while reading comments on YouTube about the little lion, I received a call for help from a contact at the pound. Someone had left a dog there in a terrible condition. The dog could barely move; he couldn’t even lift his head. They pleaded with me to come and help because they feared the dog wouldn’t make it. Looking into his eyes, I saw so much weakness. So, I instructed my brother Jairo to collect the dog and take him to the hospital. 

We named him Kiwi.

Kiwi is now in the hospital, about to undergo a blood transfusion. His condition is dire. He is suffering from leishmaniasis, anemia, and he desperately needs our assistance. Sometimes people ask me, “Victor, how do you find all these animals? Do you search for them?” I don’t search for anyone. They find their way to me. We established an organization specifically to help those in greatest need and naturally, they are the ones that will find their way to us. 

Please, if you’re able, donate. Help us save him. 

Thank you

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4 thoughts on “You won’t believe what happened last night…”

  1. Dena Picken

    Hi Viktor! Thank you again for what you do and for helping little Kiwi! I don’t know if I have ever told you about this before, but one of my holistic vets introduced me to Epakitin for BUN out of normal range, and to Azodyl for Creatinine out of range. You can get both on Amazon and most western medicine vets have either never heard of them, or they may have heard of them but have never tried them. While there are no guarantees, I was able to cure 3 out of 5 dogs kidney levels (2 just had high BUN levels and the third had both high BUN and Creatinine levels!). The other 2 dogs were just too sick when I adopted them and it just didn’t work, but I tried!! If the Epakitin and Azodyl work, the dog must stay on them for the remainder of their lives. I’m trying both right now on a 6th dog with both bad BUN and Creatinine levels with very positive results so far!! Please research these two things (Azodyl arrives in a refrigerated package and must remain refrigerated. The Epakitin arrives in a small bin with a small spoon in it and a tasteless powder and you go by the weight of the dog—both are very easy to give!). Neither can hurt, but check when you can start them in a dog with his anemia, which none of my dogs had. If you know a holistic vet, maybe get their advice as well if this vet is not familiar with these two meds or talk to this vet about them!! Good luck with this little boy!!

  2. I want to donate I donate monthly but I despise PayPal as they are a faschist organisation and I wont use them.
    If you want a debit card I can help.
    Thanks for taking care of Kiwi. Poor little baby.

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