An Innocent Live Hanging by a Thread. Help Us Save Cosmo !

The call came in just two days ago. A tiny black kitten, hurt and suffering, with a shockingly broken leg hanging limp at an unnatural angle. As I stared at the horrific footage, my heart shattered for this poor creature.

Cosmo’s situation is critical. He needs extensive surgery – a 4-5 hour operation – to have any chance of walking normally again. Without our help, his options are either life as a crippled, three-legged cat or a grim existence dragging his mangled limb behind him forever.

But Cosmo’s blackness is both his curse and his blessing. In too many places, grim superstitions cause people to shun and abandon black cats, viewing them as unlucky omens. How cruel that his beautiful ebony coat is seen as a mark against him.

Yet I believe Cosmo’s inky fur may be the one thing that saves him. While some see bad luck, I see an elegant mini-panther – a majestic little survivor who merely needs a second chance. With your help, we can give Cosmo the life he deserves.

Every animal deserves compassion, safety, and the opportunity to thrive. But the hard truth is, people are less likely to care about the suffering of a black cat like Cosmo. His cries for help too often fall on deaf ears. That’s why he needs a voice – our voices – to fight for him.

I’m begging you to open your hearts to this innocent life clinging to hope. Please donate whatever you can to fund Cosmo’s surgery and care. Even a small amount could mean the difference between lifelong pain and the chance to run, leap, and play like the kitten he is.

Help us spread the word by sharing Cosmo’s story far and wide. Comment on our channel, post on social media – shout his name from the rooftops! The more people who hear his desperate plea, the bigger his chances!

In a world that so often overlooks the vulnerable and voiceless, we have the power to rewrite Cosmo’s tragic tale. To transform anguish into hope, brokenness into healing. All he needs is a chance.

Please, I’m urging you – be the light in the darkness for this sweet little panther. 

Donate now, and let’s make his second chance a reality. 

Thank you for your compassion.

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13 thoughts on “An Innocent Live Hanging by a Thread. Help Us Save Cosmo !”

  1. Nancy J Shufeldt

    I have a black cat! I find him so beautiful!!! Thank you!!!! You guys are the best!!!

  2. Barbara Walker

    I am out of funds and feel bad i cannot donate this time
    I am .monthly doner and sometimes thats sll i can do
    God bless this poor baby hoping you will be able to help this brsve Kitty
    Cannot understand what people have against black animsls
    They feel and bleed just like we do. This is ANIMAL DISCRIMINATION.

  3. Michaela Kaltschmidt

    All the best for little Cosmo. I cross my fingers, that the leg will heal quickly ❤🐈‍⬛❤

  4. Hi Ivan and Linda, i do have a monthly donation with you but i still cant get on patreon. I have just donated something for this sweet little kittiie. One of my cats i had growing up was black and they are just as loving as any other coloured cat

  5. I took in a handsome older gentleman black cat Bertie who needed a home as his previous owner had to go in a home he is curled up next to me he has a home for life with Daisy 16 female cat

  6. Poor little guy. Black cats are wonderful loving little things. I’d happily rehome this one in an instant! I lost my twin boys who were jet black with tabby markings that could be seen when they laid put in the sun. Their dad was a silver tabby cat, so their markings were beautiful and unique. I hope this little guy pulls through and hope to hear more about his journey.

  7. I donated for Cosmo. My heart goes out to him. Sending Cosmo lots and lots of love and healing prayers.


    I am making this donation for Cosmo in memory of my black cat, Mr. Wolfie. He had been missing for 3 days then finally made it home with a shoulder that was in “smithereens”as described by the vet. He saw no way so save his leg. I was not for an amputation and was blessed to have a second vet at this clinic somehow talk the first vet into doing whatever possible to save Mr. Wolfie and his leg. After a month in the vet hospital his shoulder was fixed, with much after-care and visits to the vet. They said it was really Mr. Wolfie who saved his own life and leg because of his strong strength and will to survive. Cosmo also deserves this chance. I have a huge love for all cats but especially black cats. I have 2 more at this time, Wolfie Jr and Cougar. I am sending $100 to help Cosmo. Cosmo, you’re in the best hands.

  9. Patricia Nelson

    I would love to help. Viktor, as soon as I can I will donate again. Thank you from my heart for what you do for these precious animals.❤️🙏

  10. Carol Hall

    This donation is to help the little black kitty with the broken leg. Good luck & thanks for all you do!

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