The Sad Truth About Cat Collars

Hi, over the weekend, I’ve received numerous emails inquiring about Harry, the kitty we rescued last week. He was found on the streets, suffering due to an embedded collar causing severe injury. The last update featured him in the surgery room, undergoing collar removal. Take a look at this – here is Harry today.

Harry’s story has struck a chord with many because it mirrors the potential fate of their own cats, especially those allowed to roam outdoors with a collar. This realization highlights a clear and present danger.

Many of you have expressed a preference for your cat to enjoy outdoor freedom rather than being confined indoors. I understand and share the sentiment of wanting to see cats free and exploring. However, the risks involved are considerable.

Harry is currently improving but remains hospitalized. 

If you’re able to contribute towards his care, please consider donating. 

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4 thoughts on “The Sad Truth About Cat Collars”

  1. Letting cats roam outside is dangerous to the cats as well as to birds, which they kill by the millions. They can pick up diseases, get into fights with other cats or dogs, get hit by cars, be tortured and killed by terrible humans. Keep your cats indoors!

  2. So wonderful that Harry is so happy!

    As an aside, keeping a cat inside is much better for the songbirds too. Outdoor cats kill many, many songbirds.

  3. That’s fantastic news. He looks soooooo much better thank you all once again for your incredible help. My cats are indoor cats I stopped letting them out after research showed they are far more acceptable to be poisoned, attacked by wild animals and hit by cars left to die on the side of the road. I also stopped putting a colar on my cats years ago. How would we like to wear a scarf a tie or anything around our neck 24 hours a day. ?????

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