If you love your cat (or dog!) you should watch this video …

Yesterday, we introduced you to Harry, a beautiful red kitty whose life hung by a thread, ensnared by an embedded collar that was slowly strangling him. Harry’s plight was not just a battle for breath; it was a fight for survival, marked by excruciating pain and a desperate struggle to find food. Despite attempts to rescue him, Harry’s fear led him to evade capture until finally, through the determined efforts of my brother and an electronic cage, we were able to bring him to safety and immediate medical attention.

Harry’s current state, under hospital care, underscores a critical message: the practice of letting cats roam outdoors with collars can have dire consequences. Time and again, we’ve witnessed the tragic outcomes, the unnecessary suffering inflicted upon innocent lives.

Now, Harry finds himself in a precarious situation, fighting not just for recovery, but for a chance at a life he never knew—one filled with love, care, and comfort. Unfortunately, Harry stands alone in this battle, with no one to claim him or shoulder the financial burden of his treatment.

This is where you come in. 

We are reaching out to you, our community, to rally around Harry. Your support can pave the way for his recovery and ensure he receives the best possible care.

Every donation, no matter the size, brings Harry one step closer to a new life, free from pain and suffering.

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7 thoughts on “If you love your cat (or dog!) you should watch this video …”

  1. Hi, my name is Anna “GRETA” Rossi. I donate when I can. Harry’s story touched me greatly! The cat that I adopeted in July 2023 was almost like Harry. TOMMY CAT had a WIRE put around his neck when he was a kitten. He was a street cat. A shelter finally caught him when he was 5 YEARS OLD! His neck looked really bad! The shelter didn’t know if he would live! I wanted to help him and give a home that he could live in peace and be loved! He is still very afraid of everyone, but me. He is terrified of men and boys. He comes to me for protection. He has no fur where the wire was tied on his neck and part of his back. He also has problems with his chin. He needs to eat slowly or he will throw everything up that he just ate! He also needs to drink water very slowly. TOMMY BOY is a very loveable, and can sit for hours! I know this because I wanted to see how long he wanted to be petted! I FINALLY gave up in 3 HOURS!! I was so very lucky to have TOMMY BOY in my life!! Greta Rossi


    I am sending a donation for Kitty Harry after I leave my comment. God bless you all for caring about and for this precious little critter. God created him, God loves and cares about him. I do, too.

  3. Eileen Glasco

    I sent in extra funds for Bruno who sadly passed away. Please use the extra funds I sent to treat Harry instead. My thoughts and prayers are with him.. Thank you once again for all you and your team do.

  4. Please keep us posted, not getting too many follow-ups on the animals rescued previously….Thanks!

  5. Mirena Stritzinger

    You are incredible. You help the animals with so much enthusiasm. So much love and commitment. I admire how consistently you provide your help. Thank you.

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    I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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