Bruno Struggles to Keep His Head Up! He Needs Our Support!

Recent tests, including a CT scan, have been inconclusive for Bruno. Although there are clear indications of an issue, the specifics remain unclear. In order to gain further insight, Bruno requires a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan. Unfortunately, our hospital does not have an MRI machine on site.

We understand that some may question our hospital’s lack of an MRI machine. These machines are large, expensive, and not all facilities have them. Rest assured, we are working diligently to arrange for Bruno to have this procedure done at another hospital.

Currently, Bruno is back at the Great House, resting comfortably. In a couple of days, he will be taken to the other hospital for his MRI, and we hope to soon have definitive answers. Please know that we are doing everything in our power to understand and address Bruno’s condition.

If Bruno’s story has touched you, and you would like to help, we welcome your support. Your donations will aid in funding Bruno’s ongoing care, further diagnostics, and any necessary treatment.

Together, we can help Bruno !

Thank you for your understanding and generosity

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3 thoughts on “Bruno Struggles to Keep His Head Up! He Needs Our Support!”

  1. Jim Gerardi

    Victor, don’t let the know-it-all critics get to you. The work you and your staff do is of the very highest quality, medically and every other way. You know it, we see it, and the dogs love you for it. The rest is just background noise, unworthy of notice or comment.

  2. Denise Triest

    Those people that leave nasty comments don’t know what they are talking about. You all do a wonderful job helping God’s creations. You are truly his angels on earth. Many prayers are with Bruno.

  3. Viktor, I say, ‘You can’t fix stupid.” Everything that has been done with Bruno so far has been posted. I wouldn’t bother to respond to those ‘haters’ or ‘know-it-alls,’ it will just provoke them to carry on even more.

    You might however think about putting out a general statement asking why they are with your channel if they don’t like what you do or how you handle things?? What credentials do they have to make them qualified to tell you or the doctors caring for Bruno what should or should not be done??

    These are my thoughts about those people.

    Daryl Moir, Chicago

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