Help us! Our Dear Bruno Cannot Stand Upright!

One of our most cherished Let’s Adopt! family members, Bruno, is in trouble!.

I found Bruno in the most heart-wrenching of circumstances – chained to the floor of an abandoned factory, forced to live a solitary life as a guard dog. His rescue was a moment of pure joy; he leapt into the car, eager for a new life filled with the affection he so desperately craved. Since that day, Bruno has been nothing but a loving and gentle soul.

However, a couple of weeks ago, we noticed a worrying change. Bruno began to exhibit a slight tremor in his ears and head. What started as a mild quiver has escalated alarmingly. Now, his head turns uncontrollably, and he struggles to stand upright. 

We’ve been closely monitoring him, initially treating him with anti-inflammatories and hoping for improvement. Unfortunately, his condition has only worsened. We have rushed him to our hospital, and it’s become clear that he requires a CT scan to diagnose his condition accurately.

Bruno has brought so much joy and love into our lives; he is a dog with an enormous heart, and his zest for life is infectious. It’s our turn to give back to him. Please, if you’re able, consider donating to help us provide the medical care Bruno needs. Your contribution will go towards his treatment and, with hope, towards saving his life.

Thank you for any support you can offer. Bruno’s story is far from over, and with your help, we can give him the future he deserves.

Please Donate, help us save Bruno

With gratitude,


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6 thoughts on “Help us! Our Dear Bruno Cannot Stand Upright!”

  1. Im so hoping he can get better! Its always the sweet dogs that suffer the most it seems. That happened to two of my late dogs, and the vets said it was a stroke. They both recovered with rest and treatment for a short time anyway. Im praying for him!!!!

  2. I hope all goes well. He has more life to give and receive. He deserves tlc and a loving owner. Thank you for caring. Gill

  3. Kathy Bero

    With all my heart I am hoping you save all the dogs you can. I am very poor, but i believe in your organization. I gelp as much as I can.

  4. I hope you can help Bruno with whatever is wrong. I have made another small donation.

  5. I am hopeful the cause will be found, and Bruno can be helped to live a longer happy life!
    Dont allow the nasty comments to upset you those people are not worth it! I got and get so many nasty comments for the rescue work I do, and all the dogs Ive taken in that no one else wanted. At first it hurt me, but those people are just jealous they sit on their duff, and do nothing while we actually get out there and do everything within our power to help these helpless animals. Their lives are empty, and they just feel the need to diminish what we do to make themselves feel better. We know our dogs, and we know if something is wrong, and we know if they need to see the vet right away to question our decisions is not their business. No one is perfect, but I and I know you too do everything within our power to help these dogs, and make their lives wonderful for as long possible. Were on the right team! Bless you, and praying for Bruno!

  6. Regina Walczyk-Brozinski

    Ich habe Ihnen vor einiger Zeit eine Frage bezüglich meiner Spende geschickt, jedoch keine Antwort erhalten. MfG Regina Walczyk-Brozinski

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