Two Old Dogs Find Forever Home TOGETHER !

I am thrilled to share the most extraordinary news. Tombo and Murphy, two senior dogs, each rescued from extreme and highly challenging circumstances, have been adopted together. Tombo was entrusted to us as his owner was dying from bone cancer. Just weeks before her passing, I promised her that I would take care of her dog and that this community would support her daughter through these incredibly tough times. Murphy was discovered on the side of the road in a horrific condition, and it took us many months to nurse him back to health.

This marks the closing chapter of their story and their journey with us at The Great House, as well as the beginning of their new chapter as part of a loving and beautiful family. Remember, you play an essential role in this. 

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Please consider setting up a recurring donation today and become a vital part of our life-saving efforts.

Thank you !!

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3 thoughts on “Two Old Dogs Find Forever Home TOGETHER !”

  1. What a day brightener! I know older dogs are hard to place, and two at once is even harder. Its a wonderful ending to two very sad stories, but they appear to be wonderful new dog parents for these two babies. It brought back memories of all my trips to airports to pick up rescue dogs. Its always exciting, but worrisome to not knowing what to expect.
    I hope Tombo and Murphy live a happy life in Germany!

  2. People like you should surely have a place in heaven. The senior dogs sometimes are the most forgotten. Tombo at least had a loving home for awhile. Bless his mother that she gave him to a good place when she could not longer keep him. Poor Murphy. He was probably dumped. My hope is that the people who dumped him will never get another animal and they will eventually be dumped too. You are so kind to take them both. As people age it is better that they had a senior dog so that they know they will give that dog as much love as they can. It works both ways Amen.

  3. Denise Triest

    Tears of joy are flowing. God bless you Tombo, Murphy and your new family.

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