Urgent Call to Action: Emma is suffocating !

Today, I come to you with an urgent plea for help. A small rescue has reached out to us with a critical case—a dog freshly rescued from the pound, now facing a life-threatening condition known as larynx paralysis. We´ve named her Emma, and she is struggling to breathe, gasping for air every moment!

Imagine for a moment the fear and distress Emma must be feeling. Once part of a family, or so we assume, she now finds herself fighting for her life in a strange place, suffocating due to a condition she doesn’t understand. It’s heartbreaking.

We’ve encountered cases like Emma’s before, and we know too well that time is of the essence. Immediate surgical intervention by a vet specialized in such surgeries is crucial. Our dear friend Jorge Llinás, a skilled surgeon, is ready to perform the surgery tomorrow. But we can’t do this alone.

Emma’s situation is dire. Without prompt action, she will not survive. This is not just a call for help; it’s a race against time to prevent Emma from facing a tragic end. 

We are committed to rescuing dogs like Emma every day, but our mission relies heavily on your support. Your generosity can turn the tide for Emma, offering her a chance at the life she deserves—one free from pain and fear.

Please, if you can, consider donating to help save Emma. Any amount can make a significant difference in her fight for survival. Let’s come together and show Emma the kindness and compassion she so desperately needs right now.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and for being part of our extended rescue family. Together, we can save Emma! 

With gratitude,


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7 thoughts on “Urgent Call to Action: Emma is suffocating !”

  1. This just breaks my heart. Emma, don’t you worry about a thing. Soon you will be breathing easy. You are in great hands with loving, caring, and knowledgeable people. I prayed for you darling. I am also a monthly donor, but donated again for you Sweetheart. God bless you sweet baby. I love you!

  2. I wish I could help Emma, but my funds a very limited. I did find a little bit that I donate monthly to Let’s Adopt International.

  3. Denise Underwood

    “Our dear friend Jorge Llinás, a skilled surgeon, is ready to perform the surgery tomorrow”.

    So does this mean that if we do not have our bank deposit yet and we do give but we can’t at this moment, Dr.Jorge will not do the surgery?

    This world is getting more financially difficult, I see people that are not committed to doing what they know that they should do, turning in their poor little charges because they claim that they can’t feed them?
    What in the world are we going to do to help save God’s blessed beasts?

  4. Just made another small donation. Thanks for doing what you do and hoping Emma makes it/

  5. Julie Harris

    Thank you for helping Emma -So sad to see an animal suffering . I am hoping she will have the best outcome for her.

  6. God Bless you Emma sending you big hugs and kisses from England and you make a good recovery from surgery.

    You are in the best hands with Viktor and his team.

    Vikor please keep us all updated on Emma.

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