Look into those eyes… 

Please watch this video...

It’s the plea of a dog whose survival depends solely on your support. 

Look into those eyes. Those are the eyes of a dog that has no one else but you. 

Those are the eyes of a dog aware that her fate lies in your hands. 

Heidi urgently needs hip surgery, scheduled to take place in just two days. Without it, she will never walk properly again. 

Your donation can give Heidi the chance she deserves to live a full and pain-free life. 

Please, if you can, Donate, help us help Heidi.

By sharing this fundraiser, you multiply its possibilities of success by 5.

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Donation Total: $50.00 Monthly

2 thoughts on “Look into those eyes… ”

  1. Such a sweet little girl. So glad that the rescue team made the trip to get her and bring her back to the medical team. She is in the very best place with both the rescue and medical teams, none better. Thanks to everyone involved in this rescue and treatment. You are truly lifesavers ❤️❤️

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