A Coward Human HIT her and RAN AWAY! Look at her eyes !

Today, I’m reaching out to you with a heavy heart but also with hope. Last night, in a heart-wrenching incident, a dog was left fighting for her life after a hit-and-run. Driving through the night to bring her to safety, we’ve named her Heidi.

Heidi’s situation underscores the critical importance of immediate action. Now safe in our hospital under the care of Isidor and our dedicated team, she faces another battle: a broken hip requiring urgent surgery. Thanks to pain medication, she’s no longer in agony, but imagine the distress of such an injury!

To ensure Heidi’s best chance at a full recovery, we’ve procured the necessary surgical plates. In just two days, once they’re with us, Heidi will undergo the surgery that she so desperately needs. But to make this possible, we’re turning to you, our incredible community of supporters.

Please, if you’re able, consider making a donation to help with Heidi’s surgery and her road to recovery. Your generosity can transform this tale of sorrow into one of hope and healing. It’s not just about the financial support but about showing Heidi that she’s not alone.

Your support means everything to us and, most importantly, to Heidi. Together, we can give her the pain-free life she deserves after such a traumatic ordeal. Every donation, no matter the size, will directly contribute to her care and recovery.

Thank you for considering helping Heidi. Please donate and help us save her. Your kindness can make all the difference.



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10 thoughts on “A Coward Human HIT her and RAN AWAY! Look at her eyes !”

  1. Dear Viktor and Team
    I have no words for what happened to Heidi!!!
    It made me cry so much. It is soo sad!
    I hope so much that you and your doctors too can help recover her injuries and healing her heart….
    I will pray again for this beautiful
    soul, like I did before for all your hurt animals.
    Thank you , thank you all.

  2. Please, is anyone going to check to locate the puppies. Can you not call someone where she was found and have them look for the puppies. They are probably hungry and crying so maybe they can hear them. Please let us know. Thank you

  3. Did anyone try to find her babies? Was it determined that she had had some? You are helping her as you always do, and it is wonderful. Ijust am concerned about babies.💔

  4. If during the initial exam they think she either had puppies recently are they going to go where she was found and look for those puppies dead or alive shouldn’t they be found!

  5. Trish Akana

    I donated. Thank you for responding so quickly, coming to Heidi’s aid. God bless.

  6. Brenda L Mason

    While this poor sweet pup is being cared for, her babies will die without their mother.

  7. Barbara Walker

    Wonderful to see him w
    Ith his new family knowing that his life now will be filled wigh love and joy

  8. Barbara Walker

    Wonderful to see him with his new family where he will have love and joy always

  9. She’s a beautiful & dear little thing. I wish you were able to come to the Eastern US with her as in “the good old days.”
    I’ve had a worn out hip replaced – no fun – & feel terrible for this sweet thing that she has to go through this pain and surgery at the beginning of life now 😞. I hope all goes well & that once she’s recovered it will just all seem like a bad dream. She’s lucky to even have survived! Thank you to both vets, the witness who rescued her, Linda & especially Viktor. Just donated

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