We were not expecting this… but we are not giving up!

Last week, Eros underwent a delicate surgical procedure known as urethrostomy. This surgery involved creating a new opening (stoma) for urine to exit his body. Initially, this solution was effective, but over the weekend, Eros’ body unexpectedly closed the new opening and formed another one. Sadly, this new opening is not viable for urination as it poses a risk of infection.

To address this complication, we have reached out to Jorge Llinás, a renowned veterinary expert, to consult on Eros’ case. We are hopeful that with his expertise, we can find a solution to help him…

Why Eros needs you again?

– New Surgery Cost: The second surgery is essential and urgent.
– Post-Operative Care: Eros will need intensive care following the procedure.
– Continued Support: His journey is far from over, and he needs our continued help.

How You Can Help:

Donate: Your financial support is crucial. It will aid in covering the costs of Eros’s surgery and post-operative care, ensuring he receives the best possible treatment.
Share Our Message: Spread the word about Eros’s story. By sharing this video and our appeal, you extend our reach to potential supporters.
Show Solidarity: If you donate, leave a note saying, “I donated!.” This simple act encourages others, showing that they’re part of a compassionate community making a real difference.

Your generosity has already made a significant difference in Eros’s life. We are deeply grateful for your continued support in these critical times.

Together, we can overcome this new challenge for Eros. Your help is vital!

For Eros…


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9 thoughts on “We were not expecting this… but we are not giving up!”

  1. Trish Akana

    Jorge and Isidor are God sends to be available resources to Lets Adopt. There are no accidents.

  2. Marianne Alfano

    Please save our beautiful puppy, Eros. Pray his surgery goes well and he can live a healthy and happy life. Donated!!!

  3. Paul Harrington

    Donated for Eros. Stay strong buddy. They will get you there.

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