I have bad news… something has gone wrong… 


Last week, with your incredible support, we successfully performed a life-saving surgery on Eros. However, his journey to recovery has encountered a new, unexpected hurdle.

Thanks to you, Eros underwent a crucial ureterostomy, creating a new pathway for urine that was trapped inside him. This surgery was critical in saving his life.

Over the weekend, an unforeseen complication arose. Being a young dog, Eros´s body healed and closed the artificial opening we created and developed a fistula – an unintended opening. While Eros can urinate, this fistula could lead to severe infections and other health issues.

We are faced with the need for another surgery – a more complex ureterostomy. It’s a challenging procedure, but we are confident in our veterinary team’s expertise and dedication as well as the help of one of the world´s best vets, Dr. Jorge Llinás

Why Eros needs you again?

– New Surgery Cost: The second surgery is essential and urgent.
– Post-Operative Care: Eros will need intensive care following the procedure.
– Continued Support: His journey is far from over, and he needs our continued help.

How You Can Help:

Donate: Your financial support is crucial. It will aid in covering the costs of Eros’s surgery and post-operative care, ensuring he receives the best possible treatment.
Share Our Message: Spread the word about Eros’s story. By sharing this video and our appeal, you extend our reach to potential supporters.
Show Solidarity: If you donate, leave a note saying, “I donated!.” This simple act encourages others, showing that they’re part of a compassionate community making a real difference.

Your generosity has already made a significant difference in Eros’s life. We are deeply grateful for your continued support in these critical times.

Together, we can overcome this new challenge for Eros. Your help is vital!

For Eros…


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3 thoughts on “I have bad news… something has gone wrong… ”

  1. Shared love and prayers for Eros ♥️💔😭🙏🙏🙏🙏 I pray he will live to grow up he is a beautiful precious little Soul ♥️😭💔 thank you for all you are doing to give this beautiful Dog♥️ a chance 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Trish Akana

    Eros is in the BEST of hands. These surgeons could do documentaries on the art of operating procedures that succeed but for the body finding another way around the mechanical solution.

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